Twitter Has Some Thoughts On Addison Rae’s Surprise Drop Of Her Debut Single Obsessed

Addison Rae is moving from TikTok into the world of music — and no one saw it coming!

On Thursday night, the social media star surprised fans with her debut single, Obsessed, along with an accompanying music video. Addison first announced the news on Instagram alongside a pic of herself in a cropped white tank top and leather pants, writing:

“OBSESSED out NOW on all platforms!!!!! I’m so emotional right now. this song makes me feel so many things!!! I love music. that’s all.”

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The popular personality sings about self-love on the upbeat track with lyrics like:

“When you say that you’re obsessed with me, me too / I’m obsessed with me as much as you/ Say that you’d die for me, I’d die for me too/ And if I lost you, I’d still have me, I can’t lose”

Not gonna lie, it does sound a tad self-absorbed, so not what we would have chosen to make a debut with. But ch-ch-check out the HOT music video for yourself (below):

Wow… The song may not be it for a launch into pop stardom, BUT she does look absolutely amazing! Like, DAYUM.

In a new interview with Vogue, Addison opened up about the meaning behind the tune, explaining:

“One could take it as being vainly obsessed with yourself, but that’s not what I’m trying to communicate. It’s more I can love myself as much as you love me, and that’s important. There are days where I struggle, and it’s definitely a work in progress to accept who I am and give myself the love I deserve. But that message was so strong, and I wanted to communicate it .”

Kind of comes off that way, though, girl! The He’s All That actress continued, saying she has been involved in every step of the transition:

“From the beginning, I wanted to make sure that I was writing my own music. I remember jotting down lyrics when I was little and trying to figure out how to make them a song, I’m learning every detail and from amazing songwriters.”

Since the song’s drop, many fans took to Twitter to vocalize their support for the record. Here are just some of those opinions (below):

“Addison Rae’s song is the best song a TikToker has ever put out… y’all hating but deep down you damn well know Obsessed sounds good.”

“Okay ngl but Obsessed by Addison Rae is actually catchy. She really did that.

“I’m literally obsessed with Obsessed, Addison Rae you have outdone yourself. This is such an amazing song I literally have it on repeat.”

“If i lost you I’d still have me i can’t lose” my favorite!! #obsessed i can’t stop listening addison rae, u killed it!!!”

“It’s a bop folks”

And while people have shown the song some love, some social media users aren’t too obsessed with it. Just take a look at some of the memes (below):


As you may know, Addison initially rose to fame on social media, but has been exploring different avenues over the last year — like acting and becoming a beauty mogul. The 20-year-old supposedly will be coming out with more music soon, though she’s not currently  signed to a major label (yet). There are also a couple of rumors floating around that her next single will be with Nicki Minaj! Here’s hoping the next couple of tracks are better — at least in the lyrics department.

If you’re curious to see how she will sound live, Addison will perform Obsessed for the first time on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on March 26. It should be interesting!

Anyway, what do U think about Addison’s debut track? Love it or hate it? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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