Twitter ROASTS Ted Cruz For Sleeping During Joe Biden’s Speech: 'Ted Snooze'!

If there’s one thing Twitter is united on, it’s dragging Ted Cruz.

There’s a lot of material to work with when it comes to the Senator from Texas, and after Joe Biden’s speech to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night, there’s only more to add to the list. This time, the oft-mocked politician caught heat for falling asleep during the powerful address. Yep, after the Republican party rallied around Donald Trump’s nickname for the new President, “Sleepy Joe,” there’s a new tired boy in town: “Ted Snooze,” or as one hashtag put it, “#TedCruZzz.”

Here are just a few reactions to Ted’s drowsiness:

“We all sleeping better now that Biden is the President, even you.”

“Of course Ted Cruz fell asleep. He was left alone with his own thoughts and he’s incredibly f**king boring. #sleepyted”

“Did @tedcruz (Q-Cancun) fall asleep or did someone unplug him”

The Internet was quick to connect the Canadian-born congressman’s little nap to his most recent repulsive scandal, namely, that time he fled to Mexico during a power crisis in his state.

“Ted Cruz is sleeping as soundly now as he did in the Ritz Carlton while Texans were freezing to death.”

“Strong few months for Ted Cruz as he earned his public salary by leaving his constituents to freeze to death on his way to Cancun and then got caught sleeping on the job.

“Keep earning those paychecks.”

Others pointed to his role in the January 6 attack on the capitol. For example:

“Ted Cruz slept through Joe Biden’s Capitol speech because he prefers Capitol events with a little more incitement.”

Or this response, when Cruz had the gall to call Biden’s speech “deliberately boring”:

“Boring like NOT INSTIGATING AN INSURRECTION? Or boring like, let’s work together instead of what the former guy tried to do, divide and conquer? Which is it Teddy?”

In fact, there were a lot of easy clapbacks to the senator’s tweets about the speech, which included calling it “boring but radical” and criticizing the President on immigration. For instance:

“How would you know. You fell asleep, f**kface. #YouCruzYouLose”

“I think you slept through that part.”

“Go back to sleep, Ted. That’s when you do the most good.”

“Slept through how to work together, I see. SMH”

However, some people suggested that Cruz’s sleepiness was an act for attention:

“Hint: Ted Cruz wasn’t really falling asleep. He was acting, he’s a troll and wanted the viral clip. DB is his brand.”

“I have a feeling Ted Cruz was not really falling asleep, he needed a moment on Biden’s big night.”

Cruz is definitely calculating, so it wouldn’t be totally surprising if he “fell asleep” on purpose. However, like most of his “brilliant” moves, it blew up in his face regardless. Beyond being disrespectful, nobody wants a Senator who falls asleep on the job. (Or who takes a Cancun vacation when the chips are down.)

We really can’t wait for the day that we can finally say goodbye to Ted Snooze… until then, we’ll enjoy these Twitter roasts! Ch-ch-check out some more (below):

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