Vanessa Guerra: Yes, I’m Still Engaged to Colt the Cheater!

On the finale of 90 Day: The Single Life, viewers saw Colt Johnson propose to Vanessa Guerra.

As Discovery Plus subscribers look forward to the Tell All, they are providing an update.

That proposal was filmed many months ago, and a lot can change in that time.

But somehow, they are still engaged.

At the beginning of their interview with Us Weekly, Vanessa flashes her ring to the camera.

She’s still wearing the ring that she boasted on camera was “nicer” than the one that Colt got for ex-wife Larissa Lima.

Hey, everyone has their priorities. Some are pettier than others.

“I was going back and forth in my mind, you know,” Colt admitted, claiming that he was indecisive about the proposal.

He was concerned about the proposal being “perfect” and at “the right time.”

“I was going to ask her the night before,” Colt then revealed.

“We had this picnic, we had this conversation,” Colt continued.

“I just felt so close to Vanessa,” he gushed.

It was a degree of proximity “that I’d just never felt before,” Colt shared.

“I just knew!” Colt expressed.

“He got me crying a little,” Vanessa added, then laughing. “I don’t cry very often.”

“I just felt that everything was right,” Colt affirmed. “I just had to push the button.”

“We got engaged November 1,” Colt shared.

That makes their engagement a little past the six month mark.

“So, it’s been a while,” Colt characterized. “Let me tell you that.”

“But we are pretty private people,” claimed the recurring reality star known for sending out dick pics en masse.

“You know,” Colt continued, “we have a close circle of friends and we told them.”

He added: “And they were happy.”

Vanessa was sure to point out that Debbie was “super happy” about her son’s engagement.

“I was nervous about that one,” she confessed, after Debbie was known to meddle in Colt’s past relationships.

“I was, like, ‘Oh, what’s she going to think?’” Vanessa admitted. “She was very, very happy.”

Colt did confess that mother Debbie “had some reservations” before the proposal.

However, he confirmed that “she was very, very happy” after they shared the engagement news.

To be fair, even Vanessa seemed to be ambivalent about the proposal at first.

Vanessa reflected upon that moment in the interview, explaining why she felt so nervous.

“I mean, he proposed to Larissa in what, five days of knowing her?” she asked shadily.

“So,” Vanessa added, “I know he doesn’t take his time.”

At the risk of defending Colt Johnson, he’d only known her for a few days in person.

He and Larissa first had a lengthy online courtship, knowing each other a long time before they met.

During the time after Colt first contacted Larissa, she blocked and unblocked him more than once. It was hardly overnight.

“I am someone who [will] procrastinate a little bit though,” Vanessa said.

“So,” she reasoned, “I can drag something on for years.”

And, Vanessa added of Colt: “He’s known for proposing to everybody.”

“I was nervous. I didn’t really know what to say,” Vanessa recalled.

“I think I asked, I don’t know how many questions, [including], ‘Are you sure?’” she reflected.

Meanwhile, Colt was worried that asking too soon might ruin the entire relationship.

“I really thought I might scare Vanessa away,” Colt confessed in the interview.

“And,” he continued, “that would just end our friendship or relationship.”

“And that was a real chance I had to take,” Colt said, “but I felt like I had to do it.”

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