Wendy Williams Says Other TV Hosts Filming From Home Look ‘Disgusting’

Wendy Williams is known for saying plenty of controversial things and her latest comment is not nice at all.

The 55-year-old talk show host opened up to CNN about filming The Wendy Williams Show at home during quarantine and she also made a comment about other hosts who are working from home.

“Looking disgusting,” Wendy said about the other hosts. “I’m just saying.”

Wendy said that while she didn’t want to film from home at first, she realized this is just going back to her roots when she started as a radio host.

“If it wasn’t for radio, I could not do this quarantine thing from home properly,” Wendy said. “I’ve so enjoyed this 11, going on 12, years of doing the talk show with the studio and hundreds of people and clapping and the immediate response. I’ve so enjoyed that, but it is much easier for me as a host to be here at home, with no audience, because it’s always been about description. You know, I’ve been a radio host longer than I’ve been a TV host, so yes, right. Thank God for radio.”

Wendy revealed that she has one employee who comes into her home each day to set up the equipment, but she does her own hair and makeup.

“I have the same person come over every single day. He’s on time. He flips the switches, he sits over there, away from me. We get it done,” she said. “Then my computer shows a whole gang of people from production. … We work so well as a team. I’m enjoying this process.”

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