When Will Ben Higgins & Jessica Clarke Get Married? They Postponed Their Wedding

OK, so they announced their engagement back in March, but when will Ben Higgins and Jessica Clarke actually get married? During a July 14 appearance on The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast, Higgins revealed that, like many other engaged couples during this time, he and Clarke will be postponing their nuptials. "Ideally, it would have been this year we would [have] gotten married… November [2020] was the idea," Higgins said. "COVID, you know, kind of stopped those plans."

Planning a wedding for 2021 has proven to be a challenge of its own. For starters, Higgins explained they wouldn’t be able to schedule the wedding for the first four months of the year as he’ll be hopefully touring alongside Becca Kufrin for the The Bachelor Live On Stage Tour (as for why he’s taking on the gig, Higgins explained that it’s a "good source of income" and that both he and Clarke are "pumped" for it).

But the tour isn’t their only complication in terms of picking a date. Clarke’s brother is a professional baseball player, so they also have to plan around his season. That leaves them with a tentative open window of November 2021. "We don’t have an exact date yet. We’re finalizing the location of it," Higgins shared. "But I do believe that it will be in November of 2021 that we will be getting married."

So, it’s all super complicated and not exactly ideal. But Clarke and Higgins are trying to make the most of the extra time leading up to their nuptials. "What Jess and I have been able to do is, like, mentally wrap our brains around the idea of how much fun is it going to be to be engaged for a year and a half. And we’re talking to each other in that way. Like, this is a fun time. We should enjoy this. We can celebrate this," he explained. "Hopefully by then, you know, COVID is—cross our fingers—it’s far enough gone that our family can be there and celebrate with the freedom of knowing that, you know, there’s a solution to the COVID virus and we can look at it in that manner."

Love that positive attitude!

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