‘Will & Grace’ Series Finale Recap: [Spoiler] Returns & Grace Goes Into Labor

It’s time to say goodbye once and for all to one of television’s favorite foursomes as ‘Will & Grace’ comes to a truly emotional end.

The W&G series finale, appropriately titled ‘It’s Time”, begins with Jack (Sean Hayes) and Karen (Megan Mullally) hanging around while Will (Eric McCormack) packs up his and Grace’s (Megan Mullally) apartment. Grace then comes storming in and tells everyone that she’s ready to have her baby, which Will is the only one actually prepared for (including Grace). He yells about sending out a detailed email called “Operation Baby” as it related to the moment where Grace was ready to give birth to which each of them had an excuse over why they didn’t read it.

Turns out Grace’s hysteria was a false alarm as the four make their way back home. Jack’s husband Estefan (Brian Jordan Alvarez) then bursts through the door with good news: he’s FINALLY going to be on Broadway… ish. Jack landed the part of Sailor #5 due to the previous actor not being able to make it but can only appear on stage if the 3 other actors can’t perform. Karen then takes center stage as she reveals that her ex-husband Stan, who has never physically appeared on the show over the past 20 years, wants to meet her atop the Statue of Liberty but she’s not interested.

They wind up not only convincing Karen but join her in a cab to see what happens. McCoy Whitman (Matt Bomer) then appears on the taxi screen and is revealed to be back in New York after quitting his job in London, leaving Will emotional. Things take a turn for the OMG seconds later when the cab driver is none other than Lorraine Finster (Minnie Driver) who was once Stan’s mistress. Lorraine joins in with the rest of the gang and tells Karen that she should meet up with Stan as she’s always been in love with him no matter what.

The four make it to the top of the Statue of Liberty where Will & Grace reminisce about the city that has brought them endless memories over the years. Then, wait for it, Jack flips out after he gets his part on Broadway as all the guys ahead of him got sick in a variety of ways! The three then leave Karen alone to reunite with Stan where Jack hours later finally gets his special moment on stage, even though his legs gave out on him in a truly hilarious way.

Karen patiently awaits Stan’s arrival even though she’s been waiting there for hours. She’s about to give up when he finally gets there, via helicopter, and offers to marry her all over again. You still don’t see his identity though, as he proposes to her via a Tiffany’s box that is sent down for Karen to open. She accepts his proposal, gets whisked away, and the rest is history.

Grace discovers McCoy at Jack’s show and quickly tells Will about it. She encourages him to go find him, much to Will’s frustration as their breakup didn’t end well. McCoy ends up waiting for Will in the hallway of their apartment building where he tries to convince him that they should be together again even though things are already set between W&G. “The gay guy gets to have his Prince Charming too,” he tells Will to which he responds with, “well happily ever after would be nice.”

Will tells Grace that he’ll see what happens with McCoy but things sound promising. Emotions then run high with Will & Grace and Jack & Karen as they wonder if they’ll all be the same with the massive changes going on in their life. Grace then finally reveals that she’s ready to have her baby which prompts the four of them to have one final group hug before they all head to the hospital together.

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