Wolfgang Van Halen Shares Two New Songs From Debut Album

Wolfgang Van Halen released two new songs, “Don’t Back Down” and “Think It Over”, on Friday (March 26).

The two songs are part of Wolfgang’s new band MAMMOTH WVH‘s upcoming self-titled debut album, due out on June 11 via Explorers1 Music Group/EX1 Records.

“Everyone’s stuck at home, so why not more music?” Van Halen told Ultimate Classic Rock when asked about releasing two songs on the same day. “And also to show two different sides of our sound. We got that with [previous singles] ‘Distance’ and ‘You’re to Blame’ before. And now you’re gonna hear that with ‘Don’t Back Down’ and ‘Think It Over,’ kind of opposite sides of the spectrum.”

“With ‘Don’t Back Down,’ I really leaned into a fight-song mentality,” Wolfgang told Rolling Stone. “The kind of thing you hear when you’re at a sports game and you want your team to really f— up the other team. ‘Think It Over’ is super-poppy, the most Jimmy Eat World-ish song I’ve got. It’s one of my favorite songs, and it was my dad’s favorite song.”

Wolfgang also shared a video for “Don’t Back Down.” The visual shows multiple Wolfgangs interacting with each other in real-time, playing all the instruments and also serving as producer and engineer.

Wolfgang became Van Halen’s touring bassist in 2006. He named his debut project after his dad’s group, which was originally known as Mammoth.

(Photo: Travis Shin)

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