Wow, K-Pop Group BOTB 4U Is Actually So Good at TikTok Dancing

Honestly, there’s nothing I find more entertaining than watching celebs do some TikTok dancing. Not sure why them doing some silly choreography just ~hits different~ compared to any other average person. What makes it even better though is when they actually take it seriously and turn out to be actually sooo good at it! For instance, K-Pop group BOTB 4U joined us for our latest episode of TikTok Challenge Challenge and their moves were pretty impressive.

Not to drop any spoilers, but they all did quite well with each dance they were assigned. And they were not the easiest dances, let me tell ya! Although, out of the four, there can only be one winner! Do you think it’s gonna be Huta, Peniel, Changsub, or Seo Eun Kwang?

Huta kicked off the lil competition where he got a bit flustered because he didn’t realize his practice round was so…short. Nonetheless, he crushed it! He really set the bar high for the rest of the guys. Changsub had his game face on for his choreo and was ready to freakin’ conquer it. To no surprise, he did just that and was confident he was close to perfecting le dance.

Seo Eun Kwang got the one with the least amount of moves, so you already know that was a breeze for him. Peniel was slightly nervous about his, but he pushed through! Watch the rest of the video and listen to their new song “Show Your Love” out now!

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