107 of the Year's Best Hocus Pocus Merch — Shop These Devilish Delights Before They Fly Off Shelves

Black Flame Candle Tee

Sisters and brothers, the time hath come: it’s Hocus Pocus season! Any sensible Halloween fanatic knows that one must maximize the amount of time you spend celebrating All Hallows’ Eve, because 31 days just is not enough. The Sanderson sisters taught us what it’s like to live Halloween to the fullest every day of the year, and sporting your favorite movie-inspired merch is just one great way to do so. It’s time to stock up on some delightfully witchy apparel and decor, which may or may not include a lucky rat tail, a black flame candle, and instructions for forming an effective calming circle. Whether you want to channel Winifred, Sarah, or Mary, this merch will let you fly high with them. Check out the best Hocus Pocus products now, and get ready for a mischievously fun Halloween ahead.

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