14 Gifts Under $50 To Buy Your Partner For Christmas, Hanukkah, & Kwanzaa

It’s that time of year — when you’re tasked with finding something that will put a massive smile on your SO’s face. And who doesn’t enjoy seeing their boo light up when they open the gift they so thoughtfully picked out? The Internet is a goldmine of great ideas, but admittedly, it can get a little overwhelming scrolling through the hundreds of options on Amazon. Don’t fret, though: I’ve rounded up an array of gifts under $50 to buy your partner for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa that are sure to be a hit.

The first step to finding the right gift is simply thinking about what makes them happy. Have they been listening to a lot of new music lately? Do they end every workday with a craft beer? Did they drop a not-so-subtle hint about needing to focus on self-care? Whatever the case may be, if you can find a present that speaks to their current priorities, you’re on the fast track to blowing your partner away.

Whether you’re looking for a gift that’s more practical or just plain fun, here are a handful of ideas that they’ll definitely want to brag about on their Insta story.

For The Gourmet Foodie

Seeing as these two truffle-based sauces are used in Michelin-star kitchens, it’s safe to say that they’re the perfect gift for the bougie foodie in your life. Your boo is bound to be drizzling this black truffle ranch and Sriracha all over just about everything — from french fries and wings to salads and eggs. Plus, did I mention you’ll be supporting a Black- and woman-owned small business when you buy it?

For The TikTok Trend Chaser

In case you haven’t noticed, galaxy lights are legit all the rage on TikTok — and this amazing little device will allow your SO to transform their boring old bedroom into a celestial wonderland that’s bound to rack up the likes. Using lasers, the BlissLights Sky Lite projects a dreamy blue nebula cloud speckled with drifting green stars onto walls and ceilings, so your recipient can use it to create an otherwordly environment in any room. Pro tip: use it on your next date night in to enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars.

For A Bona Fide Wino

This female-founded company is churning out delicious wines that remarkably enough, contain zero sugar. It’s a Christmas miracle, folks.

One of the newest additions to the Bev lineup is this fizzy pinot noir, which feels especially festive for the holiday season. With aromatics of citrus blossom and fresh pomegranate, and a subtle blackberry finish, it’s just the kind of thing your SO will want to sip on while cozying up by a fireplace to binge another Netflix series with you. If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll share a can. Oh — and if your partner is more apt to drink white than red, check out the limited-edition Bev Glitz.

For The Cuddle King/Queen

Whether your partner has a stressful job, or you simply think they could use some help decompressing — a weighted blanket is an excellent gift. In fact, studies have shown that using one may be able to help alleviate both anxiety and insomnia. This one is made with breathable cotton with premium glass beads constructed into a unique 7-layer structure that’s designed to keep your boo cool, comfortable, and calm.

For A Tea Lover

With this kit, your SO can whip up the perfect matcha right at home — using the bamboo whisk and adding their go-to milk for an instant iced or hot latte. One reviewer claims: "This stuff is so amazingly smooth and rich — not bitter or grassy or too earthy… legitimately I have dreams about this matcha." Besides, you’ll also be supporting a Black- and woman-owned business by buying this kit.

For The Healthy Home Chef

Reviewers insist that this game-changing contraption can create "perfectly crispy" French fries, chicken wings, veggies, and more in just minutes with little to no oil. The 3.2-quart food basket fits up to 2 pounds of food and since it features a non-stick and dishwasher-safe food basket, it’s super easy to clean. As an added bonus, it comes with a recipe book to help your boo get started whipping up tasty grub.

For A Beer Nerd

Things just taste better when you make them yourself, no? This kit contains all the ingredients and equipment your partner needs to brew tasty IPAs, including 100% malt extract, specialty grains, high-quality yeast, and Summit and Cascade hops sourced from Washington state’s Yakima Valley. Best of all, while the ingredients will only brew 1 gallon or ten 12-oz. bottles, the equipment included can be reused many times.

For The Sweets Lover With Some Allergies

Whether your partner is gluten-sensitive, lactose-intolerant, or has a peanut or tree-nut allergy, these delectable cookies — which are made by a Black-owned bakery — are safe to enjoy. They’re even free of soy, GMOs, and artificial preservatives and flavors.

Since it’s tough to choose from all of their tantalizing flavors, send them this sampler pack to try them all: Crunchy Chocolate Chip, Carrot Cake, Double Chocolate Chip, Gingersnap, Birthday Cake, Soft-Baked Cookie Butter, Triple Chocolate, and soft-baked Chocolate Chip.

For Your Bearded Bae

Beard maintenance is no joke, y’all — but this kit can help your SO to keep their facial hair soft and healthy. The hand-crafted grooming products include a beard shampoo, beard balm, and beard oil all made from naturally hydrating ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and avocado oil. Oh, and did I mention the fresh, woodsy scent? Their stubble will be looking supple in no time.

For The Glow-Getter

Give your partner the gift of flawless skin this holiday season with this innovative facial brush for next-level cleansing, which was designed by a Black-owned company. The benefits to this tool are basically endless — using sonic pulsations, it removes dirt, oil, and impurities; massages and stimulates the skin for a healthy glow; and improves the absorption and penetration of any skincare products. Also, it’s water-resistant and comes with a luxe velvet carrying bag, so your boo can totally use it in the shower or take it on the go.

For The Coffee Lover

This multi-tasking bottle serves as both a brewer (for cold brew, pour-over, and tea) as well as a travel mug. So, whatever cold or hot beverage your boo is craving in the morning, they can streamline their routine and take their bev to go. Thanks to a thoughtfully designed lid and double-walled insulation, it’s spill-proof and will stay hot or cold for hours.

For The Aspiring Singer

The thing is, your SO doesn’t actually need to have a phenomenal singing voice to enjoy this machine, which turns any car ride into a fun karaoke extravaganza. Whether you’re using it at home to spice up date night or taking vids on a road trip to upload to TikTok, the possibilities are endless here. All you need is a Bluetooth connection and access to an empty FM radio station to start belting out your favorite jams together.

For A Beauty Maven

What better time to give your hair some much-needed TLC than while hibernating for winter? If your SO’s been complaining that their strands get dry during the colder months, this organic, superfood-inspired set of hair masks may just provide the perf solution. Both of the color-safe masks can help reduce damage, split ends, and breakage while making tresses look and feel softer and more vibrant.

For The Amateur Photographer

Want to help your SO take their Instagram pics to the next level? Amazon’s best-selling phone camera lens kit should do the trick. Whether your sweetie is snapping selfies, capturing the breathtaking scenery while traveling, or taking portraits of their pets, these high-quality lenses can minimize reflections and lens flare, as well as capture more details with precision focus. Not to mention, the LED light clips included can be used to illuminate any subject with warm, natural-looking continuous light for more flattering shots.

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