150 Names to Bestow Upon Your Very Complicated, Spooky Black Cat

I can see it now: After recognizing your spiritual alignment with their calm and independent auras, you’ve decided it’s high time to welcome a cat into your life. Naturally, you make your way to Pinterest (as you do when working through all important decisions) and suddenly stop, enamored by a gorgeous black cat in an eclectic living room almost identical to your own. You know this is the one: To hell with the superstitions. You see this cat for who they really are. Also, if you’re anywhere close to Halloween—or you just see it as *your* holiday because it absolutely matches your vibes—it’s absolutely thematic as hell. It’s like having Halloween, except all year round with a gorge familiar by your side.

We also know that names are a very important part of our identities. I mean, they’re basically omens that determine the ~trajectory of our lives~! So, as a soon-t0-be parent to a black cat, a group of furbabes that has been plagued by unjust accusations of bad luck and negativity, the naming process is incredibly serious. Do you really want to keep your black cat stuck in this cycle? I think not! That’s why I’ve prepared 150 near-perfect names for you to choose from.

Now, if you just can’t bear to veer away from the classics, I guess you can browse the What You See Is What You Get section. But my personal favorite? The Old Hollywood Divas. Or, actually, maybe the Dark Academics. IDK, you’re naming the cat, not me! Let me know which one you pick, okay?

For the cat mom who has seen every black-cat-centric movie:

For the “what you see is what you get” black cat:

For the black cat who is spiritually a dog:

For the cat parent who reads their own tarot:

For dark academia black cats:

For the owner who cleans the apartment to classical music:

For the old Hollywood diva black cat:

Are there any gorge, black-cat-worthy names we left off? Let us know!!

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