25 ‘Gilmore Girls’ Quotes For Sweet Mother’s Day Captions & Sarcastic Posts

It was the early aughts when you and your mom spent oh so many nights watching Gilmore Girls. You’d make a bowl of popcorn, cuddle up on the couch, and endlessly giggle at Lorelai and Rory’s banter at Luke’s diner. For that reason, using one of these sweet and sarcastic Gilmore Girls quotes on your upcoming Mother’s Day post is a brilliant idea.

Even if your followers don’t understand these Gilmore Girls quotes, your mom will pick up on them instantly. She’ll remember the exact episode when Lorelai suggested she and Rory should do a Freaky Friday-inspired switch. Or when the mother-daughter duo talked on the phone about, well… everything. She’ll reminisce on those nights you spent together on the couch, talking about what’s on your minds after an episode wrapped up, and what paths your lives may take.

To your mom, those moments are priceless and bring, in Rory’s words, "nothing but smiles. Each serves as a reminder to your favorite person of why they love being your mom, and why they’ll always pick up the phone when it’s you on the other line. These Gilmore Girls quotes are both sarcastic and sweet, but are a true representation of your relationship in that way, too.

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