32 Instagram Captions For Scorpios & Feeling In Sync With The Universe

To any of the other zodiac signs, the season of leaves, apple picking, and pumpkin lattes is known as fall. For you, Scorpio, it’s the season of living your most grounded, thoughtful, and synchronized life. When the whole universe shifts and puts focus on your constellation, you may feel on top of the world and like you can conquer your wildest dreams. Capture that feeling in selfies and blurry candids taken on a disposable, and post them to social media with some lovely Instagram captions for Scorpios.

This season won’t last forever, but it’ll be the beginning of many revelations, relationships, and friendships around the world. Your zodiac sign tends to create that kind of ripple effect, by attracting others to the idea of a passionate, romantic, and memory-filled life. When you start to tell stories, everyone else in your circle wants to listen closely. They know they’ll leave feeling inspired and thinking differently than before. To you, sharing stories may come naturally, especially when you’re with the friends you hold closest to your heart.

Oh, yes. You value your friendships like no other, Scorpio, and that’s why you’ll want to post your newfound synchronization with the universe on social media. Before sharing, place one of these captions in your post — each is handmade for Scorpios, like you.

1. "Did anyone tell you it’s Scorpio season, yet?"

2. "There’s something magical about Scorpio season."

3. "Make your daydreams happen."

4. "Sticking with the idea that I can live my wildest dreams."

5. "This water sign is going with the flow of life."

6. "Feeling pretty in sync with the universe these days."

7. "Note to self: don’t be the only one standing in your way."

8. "Telling wild and imaginative stories is sort of my thing."

9. "I’ve got 99 emotions, and they all have to do with love."

10. "Trying to pick out an outfit is tough when you always wear your heart on your sleeve."

11. "I’m sorry for being a little dramatic. I’m a Scorpio."

12. "The bravest ones do everything they’ve ever dreamed of."

13. "I read the stars, and they told me it’s my time to shine."

14. "I’ll be your best friend forever and ever."

15. "Friendships, first. Everything else, second."

16. "So far, Scorpio season is going really good."

17. "I hope to always transform, change, and grow."

18. "My manager’s name is Pluto."

19. "Nothing changes if nothing changes."

20. "If you don’t take some risks, you’ll never feel the magic."

21. "You are entirely up to you."

22. "Special talents: not afraid to dance like nobody’s watching."

23. "Step aside of your comfort zone and let those fears go."

24. "Let’s great straight to the point, please."

25. "Come as you are, love as much as you want."

26. "Belly laughing with my people per usual."

27. "You give life to what you give energy to."

28. "Standing up for the people and the planet is the only way."

29. "My Scorpio side made me do it."

30. "Where are you going? The good times are this way."

31. "Hey, universe. Thanks for being on my team for a bit."

32. "See you later, fellow Scorpios."

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