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HANDS up who doesn't put nail files at the top of their beauty lust list. Guilty? Here's why you should think again.

The best nail files will keep your talons healthy, strong, split-free and breakage-resistant, as well as create the best base for your manicure.

Gone are the days of those ugly brown emery boards you used to find at the bottom of your mum's handbag.

Nope, nail-shapers have upped their game with glass files, also known as crystal files, hitting the scene.

Technique tip? File in one direction towards the centre for a smooth finish, and don't aggressively move the file back and forwards over the nail, as this may cause damage or peeling.

Keep scrolling for our roundup of the best nail files. Salon talons at your fingertips – buff, smooth and shine those nails. 

1. Best value: Jessica Normal Cushioned Emery Boards 2-pack

  • Jessica Normal Cushioned Emery Boards 2 pack, £3.20 from John Lewis – buy here

These cushioned nail files by the Natural Nail Company have been described as the "best emery boards ever".

One happy customer said "These work and last for ages! They are easy to use and not at all harsh on my nails leaving them smooth at the edges unlike cheaper files. They are double sided, don’t bend and break and do the job."

Whilst this pack of two is for specifically for normal nails, you can get nail files for weak and strong nails as well. Happy days.

2. Best crystal nail file: Mylee Crystal Nail file

  • Mylee Crystal Glass File, £11.99 from Feel Unique – buy here

We love this crystal nail file from Mylee.

Why? Crystal files are generally thought to be softer – coming with a gentler grit – and kinder to your nail. No shredding or ripping here.

It seals the keratin in your nails for a smooth edge and is this one is so robust you can also use it on false nails. Bonus.

3. Best drugstore nail file: Superdrug 4 Way Nail buffer

  • Superdrug 4 Way Nail Buffer, £1.99 – buy here

A salon-style four-way nail buffer for under £2? No, your eyes are not deceiving you.

You can use the different sides to shape, remove ridges, smooth out and polish the surface for a shiny, healthy-looking finish.

It creates the perfect base for your manicure at a crowd-pleasing price.

4. Best for acrylic or gel nails: Red Carpet Manicure Shaper File

  • Red Carpet Manicure Shaper File, £5.95 from eBay – buy here

Did you know that if you've got acrylic or gel nails, you can still shape them yourself?

This handy little file is a professional polisher developed specifically for shaping falsies.

Featuring a coarse grit and firm padding, it's perfectly designed to tackle acrylic and gel talons, reducing length or refining edges with ease.

Be your own nail technician right at home and maintain your manicure without leaving the sofa. Yes, please.

5. Best nail file for weak nails: Deborah Lippman Smooth Operator

  • Deborah Lippmann Smooth Operator 4-Way Nail Buffer, £10 from The Fragrance Shop – buy here

Tips prone to peeling and breakage? This little number is for you.

Made with micro-fibre material, it's extra-gentle on sensitive nails. What's more, it's easy to use, with the four different sections numbered for a simple guide on which part to use for filing, smoothing, shaping and getting that natural high-shine finish.

It's great for when you're having a no-varnish nude-nail day, but also creates a great foundation for the perfect manicure.

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