55-year-old woman refuses to be basic and loves wearing mini-skirts

Laura, who lives in America, regularly defies the stereotype of a woman in her fifties by posting videos of herself on her TikTok account, @mixtapemomma, wearing mini skirts and crop tops.

In one clip, Laura told her fans: “Breaking any rules of ‘no miniskirts after the age of 35’. The new 50-year-olds have no boundaries. Fashion trends reveal short skirts.”

She was seen stepping out of a car in slow motion wearing neon pink sunglasses, a white bandeau top and a grey mini skirt with a pair of heels.

In another video, she shared her advice for gaining confidence: “Never, ever, be basic for nobody. Be the best you, not a second rate of someone else.

“Embrace you, your uniqueness and wear it with confidence. Shine bright and let it burn!”

Laura shared a picture of herself from 2015, where she appeared larger and explained her transformation.

“Wait for it!” She captioned it. “90 percent of the meal with no white flour, sugar and processed foods. It took me seven years of lean and energy of a 35-year-old!”

In another video, she explained her diet changes further: “I’ve never stopped working out. But I was 40lb heavier [in 2015] – I was super strong, but I had this [layer of] fat over me.”

She said when she went “through menopause”, her “body got a little out of whack”.

“For me, it was the sugar, the white flour and processed foods. You want to kick that to the curb and get back to the basics like your grandparents ate – [everything] just [in] moderation.”

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In terms of exercise, Laura, who is a personal trainer, works out regularly: “I levelled up my fitness programme with two 30-minute classes a week with the Axle Barbell system, and I’ve seen changes in my shoulders, my core, my legs. I love it.”

One commented on her transformation: “Wow! Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!”

Another added: “You still looked good before but being athletic and more confident looks great on you.”

A third wrote: “Wooow my compliments for losing so much weight and gaining a very attractive body again.”

One congratulated Laura: “Like fine wine, the older she gets the better she looks, absolutely gorgeous!”

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