8 Drops You Don't Want to Miss This Week

With another week upon us, we have yet another installment of our product drops series. Leading the list are striking ranges that come in the form of HOMME BOY‘s Spring/Summer 2021 “S2-JKR” collection and PROTOTYP‘s Fall/Winter 2021 collection.

This week we have major collaborations include Brain Dead‘s graphic-heavy capsule with NTS Radio and JICHOI jxcxxx one-off line’s bag release with artist Noh Sang-ho, better known as “nemonan.” Other standouts come in the form of bentgablenits‘ “The Carnival” collection and THE SHELL Perfume Hand release from tamburins from GENTLE MONSTER.

Rounding up this week’s important releases is GORE-TEX‘s latest edition to its Six Stories book series and Balenciaga‘s “Cut-Up” capsule.1 of 14

Prototyp2 of 14

Prototyp3 of 14

Prototyp4 of 14

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PROTOTYP Fall/Winter 2021 Collection

When: Now
Where: HYST1 of 12

Jichoi2 of 12

Jichoi3 of 12

Jichoi4 of 12

Jichoi5 of 12

Jichoi6 of 12

Jichoi7 of 12

Jichoi8 of 12

Jichoi9 of 12

Jichoi10 of 12

Jichoi11 of 12

Jichoi12 of 12


nemonan x jxcxxx Bag Capsule

When: Now
Where: JICHOI1 of 23

Homme Boy2 of 23

Homme Boy3 of 23

Homme Boy4 of 23

Homme Boy5 of 23

Homme Boy6 of 23

Homme Boy7 of 23

Homme Boy8 of 23

Homme Boy9 of 23

Homme Boy10 of 23

Homme Boy11 of 23

Homme Boy12 of 23

Homme Boy13 of 23

Homme Boy14 of 23

Homme Boy15 of 23

Homme Boy16 of 23

Homme Boy17 of 23

Homme Boy18 of 23

Homme Boy19 of 23

Homme Boy20 of 23

Homme Boy21 of 23

Homme Boy22 of 23

Homme Boy23 of 23

Homme Boy

HOMME BOY Spring/Summer 2021 “S2-JKR” Collection

When: Now
Where: HOMME BOY1 of 3

Balenciaga2 of 3

Balenciaga3 of 3


Balenciaga “Cut-Up” Capsule

When: Now
Where: Balenciaga Aoyama1 of 3

Gore-Tex2 of 3

Gore-Tex3 of 3


GORE-TEX Releases Latest Six Stories Vol.5

When: Now
Where: GORE-TEX1 of 4

Tamburins2 of 4

Tamburins3 of 4

Tamburins4 of 4


tamburins THE SHELL Perfume Hand Cream

When: Now
Where: tamburins1 of 17

Bentgablenits2 of 17

Bentgablenits3 of 17

Bentgablenits4 of 17

Bentgablenits5 of 17

Bentgablenits6 of 17

Bentgablenits7 of 17

Bentgablenits8 of 17

Bentgablenits9 of 17

Bentgablenits10 of 17

Bentgablenits11 of 17

Bentgablenits12 of 17

Bentgablenits13 of 17

Bentgablenits14 of 17

Bentgablenits15 of 17

Bentgablenits16 of 17

Bentgablenits17 of 17


bentgablenits “The Carnival” Collection

When: Now
Where: bentgablenits1 of 11

Brain Dead2 of 11

Brain Dead3 of 11

Brain Dead4 of 11

Brain Dead5 of 11

Brain Dead6 of 11

Brain Dead7 of 11

Brain Dead8 of 11

Brain Dead9 of 11

Brain Dead10 of 11

Brain Dead11 of 11

Brain Dead

NTS Radio x Brain Dead 2021 Capsule

When: Now
Where: NTS Radio & Brain Dead
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