8 Easy Gardening Tutorials Even Those With a Black Thumb Can Tackle

There’s no substitute for the bright green cheerfulness of a garden bed or collection of indoor plants, and these easy tutorials will make you feel like you have a green thumb (even if the compost heap where your former houseplants lie tells a different tale). What better way to shake off the winter blues than by getting up close and personal with some soil, seeds, and sun? You can stock your house and yard with veggies, flowers, and succulents galore that will make you feel like you’re part of the cycle of the seasons.

1. DIY succulent terrarium

A small succulent garden can brighten up the inside of your home, outdoor entryway, or patio. Just choose a few tiny succulents that have the same water and light requirements as one another, plant them in a well-draining terrariumr, and you’ll have a mini garden all your own.

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2. DIY vintage book planters

Hollow out a few vintage books that would otherwise be headed to the recycling center to make these planters. Just make sure to choose a plant that doesn’t need a lot of water, and scatter some pebbles in the book before you add your soil to help improve drainage (you don’t want the plant roots sitting in water). You could even use them as fun take-home centerpieces at your next dinner party!

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3. DIY rose container garden

Place this container rose garden in the sunniest part of your outdoor space, and watch the flowers blossom all summer long. Remove dead blooms to encourage new growth throughout the season. This tutorial has instructions for making sure your rose bush survives the winter, too, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

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4. DIY radish garden

Radishes are a fun veggie for new gardeners to grow, because they go from seed to salad in no time (we’re talking weeks, not months, until harvest). Plant them in a sunny spot and water thoroughly, and you’ll soon have the satisfaction of eating what you grow. Don’t throw away those greens – even if they feel a little spiky, once you wash them thoroughly you can sautee them or add to soups and stir-fries where they’ll soften and add a peppery green bite to your meals.

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5. DIY bee and butterfly bath

Keep pollinators happy on hot summer days by creating a bath for bees and butterflies. They’ll come and drink the water, cooling off and getting some rest before they go about their job pollinating the plants in your neighborhood. Even if you can’t actually keep a plant alive, this is one way to boost the natural ecosystem where you live.

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6. DIY vertical shoe caddy garden

Plant herbs, lettuce, and other easy growers in a vertical planter made from a shoe caddy that’s perfect for small backyards that don’t have a lot of soil to work with.

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7. DIY butterfly feeder

Help vulnerable butterfly populations find a consistent source of food with this easy DIY butterfly feeder. It uses a super inexpensive homemade sugar solution as the nectar, and other than that all you need are twine, a jar, and a sea sponge.

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8. DIY beachy terrarium

The moist environment of a terrarium means you don’t need to water these plants as often, and you can spend minutes or hours designing yours, depending on how detailed you want your design to be.

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9. Beaded plant hanger

Whether you need a hanging basket for your patio or your bathroom, this beaded planter is not only easy to make, but super chic and totally unique. It’s a great craft for kids to help with too!

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10. Succulent wreath

A sweet and easy way to add some greenery to your garden, front door or even a room inside.

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A version of this article was originally published May 2019. 

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