8 feminist art prints we can’t wait to hang on our walls

The female illustrators and artists to start following now, before they take over the art world.

It looks like we’re going to be spending a lot more time indoors this summer than we initially, erm, anticipated.  So, what can you do around the house? 

Scrap that – how about, here’s what can you do to your house. If you’re looking at your bedroom walls day-in, day-out, they might as well look good, so why don’t you use this time to get the place looking its most fabulous. 

A simple (and affordable) way of doing this is to hang some exciting new art in your home. A picture on a wall can breathe new life into a room, creating personality where before there was none. 

So why not support some of the witty, beautiful and powerful artwork being produced by independent female artists?

It’s a win-win: not only can you lend a hand to an illustrator, but the artists below are truly producing some of the most empowering work we’ve seen focusing in on issues for both women and the LGBTQ community.

Because surely, if you want anything to greet you when you wake up every morning, it’s something that supports the sisterhood. 

  • Rosie Wonders

    Rosie Wonders

    Rosie Wonders is a London-based illustrator and designer and, yes, she’s just as magical as she sounds. 

    Her homeware, accessories and stationery creations have a vintage aesthetic and technicolour palette, and are often sprinkled in glitter, spanning themes from the zodiac to feminism. 

    We love her iconic figures collection, which is also available in notebooks and cards, featuring women like Amy Winehouse and Frida Kahlo. 

    Shop iconic figures print at Rosie Wonders, from £40

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  • Fee Greening

    Fee Greening

    Fee Greening is a London-based artists whose admirers reach as far as Alexa Chung and Florence + The Machine. Her detailed illustrations often follow themes of the night sky or under the sea, featuring stars and moons alongside coral and pearls.

    On her website you’ll find a whole collection of artwork dedicated to some of the most influential people the world has ever known. Lots of them are women we respect and admire such as Virginia Woolf, Beyoncé, Maya Angelou and Yayoi Kusama.

    Shop Emmeline Pankhurst print at Fee Greening, £95

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  • Valfré


    Mexican-born artist Ilse Valfré launched her brand, Valfré, back in 2013 and her distinctive style has since then gained a cult following. 

    Her illustrations characterise the female psyche reflecting stereotypically feminine moods, while simultaneously making fun of them. 

    Her quirky cartoon-style will make you laugh and make you think, with her witty but on the nose drawings.

    Shop plantas print at Valfré, £39

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  • Meera Lee Patel

    Meera Lee Patel

    Meera Lee Patel is a best-selling author and self-care expert. She illustrates her own books with her effervescently colourful art, but you can buy it for your walls, too. 

    Much of her art is themed around finding peace and happiness in who you are, and what more lovely message is there than that to look at everyday?

    Shop Use The Magic You Have Now print by Meera Lee Patel, £17

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  • Nina Cosford

    Nina Cosford

    Nina Cosford is an illustrator based in Hastings, UK whose witty depictions of the typical millennial woman will have you wryly smiling as soon as you lay eyes on them. 

    We love her sketchy style and how she provides a very light commentary on the trends of the time.

    Shop Granny Todler print at Nina Cosford, £20

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  • Bodil Jane

    Bodil Jane

    Bodil Jane is just about one of the coolest people to ever grace our Instagram feeds. 

    Her powerful artworks are bursting with life and colour and show a diverse range of young women from all over the world. 

    Shop Slumber Party print at Bodil Jane, £75

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  • Robyn Janine

    Robyn Janine

    Robyn Janine is based between London and Glasgow, flying the flag for some of the UK’s most creative cities. 

    Her art specialises in female empowerment and being comfortable in ourselves in a world that demands perfection. 

    Shop Trying To Exist In My Body at Robyn Janine, £7.50

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  • Abbey Lossing

    Abbey Lossing

    Abbey Lossing’s blocky style is not only distinctive to her, but will make a real statement in your home. 

    We love her singular portraits, like this one, but also her modern reimaginings of classic stories like Little Women, which are truly special. 

    Shop Winter at Abby Lossing, from £17

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Image: Bodil Jane / courtesy of brands

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