A Bottle of Pétrus French Wine Aged in Space Is Being Auctioned for $1 Million USD

Christie’s recently announced a private auction for a bottle of Pétrus 2000 aged in space. Set to sell for $1 million USD, the bottle of French wine made from merlot grapes in the Bordeaux region was sent to space as part of a privately funded research study on food and agriculture.

Back in November 2019, Space Cargo Unlimited sent 12 bottles of wine to the International Space Station for 14 months. Returning to Earth January 2021, the wine that traveled 186 million miles in zero gravity reportedly took on more floral and smokey notes. With only one bottle set to be auctioned, three bottles were opened for tasting and the remaining eight will be stored for future research.

Nicolas Gaume, the co-founder and CEO of Space Cargo Unlimited, notes Mission WISE was devised to “help invent the agriculture and food we need for tomorrow on Earth.”

The space-aged Pétrus 2000 will be sold with an Earth-aged Pétrus 2000 (which sells for $6,000 USD normally) and proceeds from the Christie’s auction will fund Space Cargo Unlimited future experiments.

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