A Footwear Icon Is Making a Comeback: Scholl’s Wooden Clog

MILAN — Spotted on the feet of a wide range of celebrities over the decades, spanning from Twiggy to Audrey Hepburn and Sarah Jessica Parker, who wore them in several episodes of legendary TV show “Sex and the City,” Scholl’s signature Pescura wooden clogs are expected to make a big comeback this spring.

Headquartered in Milan, Scholl Shoes — which operates the footwear label globally, except for the U.S., where the Dr. Scholl brand, featuring a different positioning, is operated by a different company — is relaunching the shoe originally designed in the 1960s by Dr. William Scholl. He originally conceived that as a style helping women to tone their legs just by walking, however, across the decades, what had been originally designed with a practical goal became a style icon.

Thanks to the investments of private equity Aurelius, which in 2015 acquired the brand’s European and Asian license, Scholl Shoes has introduced a fashionable line, called Scholl Icon.

Revolving around the Pescura style, the Icon line includes two silhouettes, the Pescura Flat and the Pescura Heel, developed in 11 styles.

“This project is rooted in one concept, which we call ‘haute comfort,’” said Tobias Klaiber, Scholl Shoes Group CEO and operating partner of Aurelius. “We strongly believe that haute aesthetic and comfort don’t exclude each other and that can go hand-in-hand, as it happens with our shoes.”

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Scholl Icon’s Pescura wooden clog in suede. Courtesy of Scholl

Klaiber also put the accent on the extreme versatility of the Pescura shoes, which can be easily worn inside and out — and can definitely transition from day to night — but also on their sustainable soul, since the structure of the shoe is made of wood. “Our shoes are made in a 50-year-old family company located in Northern Italy,” he revealed. 

Scholl’s Icon line includes the Flat version, available in denim, suede in natural tones, but also in the new Matte suede range, featuring a vibrant color palette of bright tones; as well as three high-heeled styles: Pescura Charm, Ibiza and Taormina. The Flat version is also revamped for a double strap model and for a style showing a flexible insert making the fit even more comfortable. In addition, the line carries the Miami Clog.

For the relaunch, Scholl Shoes has partnered with global retailers across Europe, especially in Germany, Italy, the U.K. and Spain. They include Merci in Paris and KaDeWe in Berlin.

“At the same time, good requests are coming from Japan and China, which we will the target in the second phase of our strategy,” said Klaiber, who added that the shoes will range from 79 euros to 155 euros. “We want to be a democratic, inclusive and accessible brand. The luxury aspect for us doesn’t reside in the price, but in our heritage and in the fact that since they are handcrafted; there is a limit to availability.”

According to Klaiber, the brand will not only develop collaborations with brands and designers, but is also creating partnerships with fashion schools to challenge the creativity of young talents and give them a place for experimentation.

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