A Photographer Allegedly Once Broke Into Meghan Markle's Garage to Snap Photos Of Her

Meghan Markle hasn’t had an easy life ever since she started dating Prince Harry back in 2016. The former actress has been bombarded by paparazzi since the news first broke that she and the prince were dating, and many believe it was largely the reason why she and Harry ultimately decided to leave the royal family less than two years after they wed. B

The public might not even know how bad the invasion of privacy truly became — Meghan’s garage was reportedly broken into before she and Harry were even married.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle battled for Meghan’s privacy

When Harry and Meghan first started dating, they did theirbest to keep the relationship private. But it was only a matter of time untilnews broke that the prince was dating an American. And with that, Meghan’sworld was flipped upside down.

The paparazzi became relentless. Anywhere Meghan went, people tried to photograph her. Kate Middleton and Princess Diana both dealt with the same thing when they started dating Prince William and Prince Charles. The royal family released a statement asking for Meghan’s privacy, but it did little to curb the press.

The press had an effect on the couple’s decision to leave the family

Nearly four years after the couple’s relationship began,Meghan and Harry made the difficult decision to leave the royal family. The twomade an announcement in January 2020, and Harry said that it was not an easydecision. But the press had compromised Meghan’s relationship with the public;negative stories were constantly published, which painted her in a bad light.

Meghan had a hard time developing a relationship with the public, and it likely had a lot to do with the press. Plus, Harry was reportedly not in a great place with his brother at the time. Those, combined with the couple’s wish to give their son a more private life, became valid reasons for the two to leave the family.

A photographer once allegedly broke into Meghan’s garage to get photos

People often give Meghan a hard time for the way she has handled royal life. But what the public may not know is that things were very difficult for her before she had the protection of Harry’s family. Traditionally, the royal family will not pay for the security of anyone who isn’t an official family member. When Meghan and Harry were still dating, she had all the press of a royal — with none of the protection.

One paparazzo reportedly took matters into their own hands in order to learn more about Harry’s girlfriend. Back when Meghan was still living in Toronto, a press member allegedly broke into the Suits star’s home to try and get photographs for the media. The police were immediately notified, and it was a clear wake-up call for Meghan — royal life would not be easy. The incident is part of what prompted the royals to release a statement asking for Meghan’s privacy.

The duke and duchess have slipped under the radar recently

These days, Meghan and Harry are living a very differentlife from where they were in 2019. The two have officially closed their officeat Buckingham Palace and have reportedly moved into a private estate in Malibu,California. The couple also shut down their Instagram account, pushing themeven further off the grid.

Meghan and Harry just launched a charitable organization,Archewell, which is their next venture together. So far, not much is knownabout the new charity initiative, but it’s clear the two are still working hardto better the world.

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