Adult film actress ‘kicked off Bumble dating app for working in sex industry’

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A porn star claimed she was kicked off a dating app because of the industry she works in.

Bunny Colby, 28, said she contacted Bumble's customer service team after she reportedly found she had been banned.

Describing her dating profile as "very tame", the adult film star claimed she was using the platform to meet a partner.

She denied engaging in "commercial activity" which she alleged was the reason she had been kicked off.

According to the Daily Beast, Bumble's support staff told Bunny they were looking into the situation.

Following the investigation into her account, the dating app said it had been accidentally removed.

She said: "Obviously, what I do for a living is 'controversial' for some people, but everything else about my life is very boring.

"I just pay my taxes and stay at home with my cats and read. My profile just said, 'I like cats, bla bla.

"And then I had my Instagram handle in it and it wasn't even hyperlinked – just the text.

"Instagram is a very PG app, so I don't have anything too racy on there either."

When Bunny started using the app again, she noticed something was wrong.

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As she wasn't receiving any activity on her profile, she decided to contact Bumble again.

The adult star detailed: "It became very clear that I was shadowbanned on it.

"I don't want to sound full of myself, but if you're on the app for a couple of hours, you're gonna have a couple of likes and a match."

When she got back in touch with Bumble, she claimed the app encouraged her to pay $24.99 (£18.05) to boost her profile.

After following up again, Bunny was told she was still banned and the previous customer service member had "made a mistake".

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She asked about the "commercial activity" to which Bumble suggested she had been trying to earn money on the app.

According to Bunny, the app had told her: "Unfortunately, we can't share specifics, but generally speaking commercial activity includes, but is not limited to seeking financial support, transactional activity, recruiting or soliciting for adult entertainment, selling/promoting any goods or services, or sharing links to any subscription-based services such as OnlyFans, ManyVids, Patreon, etc."

But she said she never used any method to which she replied: "You are targeting sex workers unfairly even when they adhere to your TOS (terms of service)."

The porn star insisted she was only on there to meet someone.

She added: "I was just swiping left and right, hoping that I don't die alone.

"The assumption that even a full-service sex worker would be on that app just to do sex work is wrong."

Daily Star has contacted Bumble for comment.

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