Adult stars son forced to change schools to avoid being picked on

A British porn star’s son was forced to move schools after he got picked on for his mum's unusual profession, the adult performer has revealed.

Sophie Anderson is a UK-based adult actress, who found fame appearing as one half of a duo with her friend Rebecca More.

Now with 349,000 followers on Twitter, the adult star has recently founded a YouTube channel with her boyfriend Damian Oliver, who she met through sex work.

And, after her former work partner Rebecca shared the difficulties of marrying parenting with an explicit lifestyle earlier this year, Sophie has also revealed her own struggles.

Speaking to award-winning porn director Holly Randall on her ‘Unfiltered’ podcast, the West Country native explained that she has a teenage son and delved into the impact that her work has had on the pair’s relationship.

“It has been hard, I’m not going to say that it’s been easy for my boy,” she began.

“When I first told him about being the in the sex industry was when he was just starting secondary school, so he was only about 11.

“Especially being a boy, because in a way he wants to protect me. Before Damian came along I didn’t have a man, and he’s had to kind of stand up for me in some ways.”

Regardless of her atypical profession, Sophie explained that she felt it was important for her son to learn “the value of money”, so decided to be honest about her work, but admitted that this has had its drawbacks when it comes to schooling.

“There is a downside, and this is because of other people’s judgement. He has had to move schools; he was at a secondary school where he started getting picked on because they found certain things online,” she continued.

“And it was to do with the mothers as well, they said things in front of the children, so my son was then picked on. So I never went up to school.

“I couldn’t ever go up to school, and I still don’t now. My son will never be seen with me at school. I’ve missed things, like he’s got a rugby match this Thursday so I won’t be able to go to that, he won’t be able to have his friends over, so there is a downside."

But, despite the seemingly inevitable strains her work has had on her relationship with her son, Sophie insisted that she doesn’t regret her career choice and said any criticism of her work arose from people judging too quickly.

She added: “It has been difficult, you get judgement from mothers especially, but it’s made myself and my son’s bond even stronger.”

“I made the decision when I was 29 to go into porn and I’ve never looked back.”

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