Against Me! Cancel Co-Headlining Tour With Baroness

Against Me! have canceled their co-headlining tour with Baroness, scheduled to take place in May.

The announcement follows the band’s previous cancellation of their 2020 spring tour, originally slated to conclude a month before the co-headlining trek. Refunds are available at point of purchase.

“I hope that it’s apparent that this is absolutely not at all what any of us want, and if we had any real choice in the matter we would for sure be out on the road this May,” frontwoman Laura Jane Grace said in a statement. “But given the current worldwide situation, we have no other choice but to cancel this amazing tour that we have all been looking forward to since its conception. My definite hope is that this tour does still happen at some point in the future, when able.”

Grace has been in quarantine at home in Chicago during the pandemic. “I have been completely isolated and alone here in Chicago, dropping acid, smoking grass, and watching TV news,” she recently told Rolling Stone, adding that she spends “at least three hours a day in my bathtub with a humidifier with eucalyptus oil in it going.”

Against Me! are currently working on a follow-up to 2016’s Shape Shift With Me. “Right now, I’m trying to grasp and struggle with the idea of, ‘All right, how do you record and release an album in 2020 and not have it be completely eclipsed by the election?’ ”

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