Aldi is selling 99p garlic bread pizzas that shoppers say 'taste just like Domino's'

ALDI is selling mini garlic pizza breads for 99p, and shoppers say they taste just like Domino’s.

The supermarket has launched the new product as part of its takeaway range, and it is even served in a classic takeaway-style cardboard box.

The cheesy side has plenty of garlic seasoning and melted mozzarella to make it a convincing copy of some of the most popular takeaway chains’ offerings. 

In fact, one shopper declared it tastes “just like Domino’s” in a post on the Aldi Shoppers Facebook page.

The side costs 99p, compared to Domino’s £4.99 garlic pizza bread which can currently be ordered for delivery only, as lockdown restrictions continue.

Posting on its Facebook page, Aldi said: “The best takeaway in town? Your fridge. Introducing Carlos Takeaway.”

The new range, which also includes thin and crispy fries, can be found in Aldi’s chilled aisle.

Another poster said: “Gave my kids the garlic pizza bread for dinner and they said it was the best!”

Someone else wrote: “Looks like the Domino's one! Going to get it next time.”

The new products join the range of stuffed crust pizzas that are sold in stores, so customers can make their own Italian “takeaway” at home.

You can find your nearest Aldi here.

Asda sells a similar garlic pizza for £1.26, although at 250g it is significantly bigger than Aldi's 145g version and works out cheaper per gram.

Morrisons also do a 255g garlic bread pizza for £1.70.

Other supermarkets have been trying to satisfy their customers' cravings for a takeaway, with Asda offering a new tool to help shoppers create their favourite restaurant meals.

Meanwhile, Morrisons has launched £30 ‘fakeaway’ food boxes so you can make Nando’s and Wagamama-style dishes at home.

If you're still desperate for a takeaway, here's which fast food restaurants have reopened.

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