Aldi using Glastonbury ticket queuing software on website to manage demand for Kevin the Carrot toys

VEGETABLES are not often popular, especially with kids, but there's one carrot that's proving a big hit again this Christmas.

Kevin the carrot, the star of Aldi's festive adverts, is expected to be so in demand that the supermarket has had to introduce a digital queuing system usually used to manage Glastonbury ticket sales.

A range of Kevin soft toys will be released on Sunday 15 November at 8am along with other characters from the Christmas advert which was revealed on Friday.

The toys will be available to buy online from Aldi's own website and via Deliveroo.

The supermarket is expecting such demand that it has added queuing software to manage people buying the toy online.

Last year shoppers were left disappointed when the bright orange toys quickly sold out.

Kevin the Carrot toys

Here are all the Kevin the Carott toys you can buy from Aldi this year:

  • Kevin the carrot pilot – £3.99
  • Wingman Turkey – £3.99
  • Harry the Hedgehog – £3.99
  • Grate Grandma – £3.99
  • Grate Grandad – £3.99
  • Bundle of above – £19.95
  • Kevin the Carrot – £3.99
  • Katie the Carrot – £3.99
  • Kevin the Carrot kids – £3.99
  • Kevin, Katie and kids bundle – £11.95
  • Giant Kevin the Carrot – £19.99
  • Pyjamas – £4.99-£9.99
  • Tree decorations – £2.99
  • Mug – £1.99
  • Book – £2.99
  • Gift wrap – £1.99

And they soon appeared on eBay with price tags as high as £1,000 leaving shoppers disgusted that some people would take advantage by inflating the price.

The Aldi website has previously crashed as thousands of shoppers tried to buy the cute characters.

This year the Kevin toy is dressed as a pilot like he is in the Christmas advert and costs £3.99.

There's also toys of other characters in the ad, including Wingman Turkey, Harry the Hedgehog, Grate Grandma and Grate Grandad.

These are also £3.99 each or you can buy all five as a bundle for £19.95.

What to watch out for when buying toys online

HERE are the British Toy and Hobby Association’s top tips for buying toys online:

  1. Shop early. Don't leave ourchases to the last minute rush which might leave you fewer options of where to buy from.
  2. Check out third-party sellers. Look for sellers you recognise and trust. Be cautious of retailers you don't know and do your research checking reviews and where they're based.
  3. Go for branded toys. Try and choose a branded toy as then you can compare it to the manufacturer's own website to check it's legit.
  4. Be careful of going for the cheapest price. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is.
  5. Check if there are any age restrictions. Make sure you give suitable toys to children based on their age.
  6. Check reviews carefully. Some reviews are fake so look carefully at the comments.
  7. Stay with children at first. When your child opens a toy for the first time, stay with them and check for faults, detachable small parts, access to stuffing and loose or accessible batteries or magnets.

There's also a Kevin and Katie carrot, both wearing Christmas jumper sand party hats and costing £3.99 each, along with his family, Chantenay, Jasper and Baby, which come as a set of three for £3.99.

And finally there's a giant Kevin costing £19.99, Kevin tree decorations priced at £2.99 each and even Kevin the carrot Christmas pyjamas for kids and adults which range between £4.99 and £9.99.

Shoppers will be limited to buying only two of each of the toys.

Delivery costs £3.95 or is free for orders over £30, or you can get it delivered to a CollectPlus point for £2.95.

Aldi delivery through Deliveroo costs £4.99 and is only available in certain locations.

There were also scenes of pushing and shoving among customers hoping to get hold of the cuddly toy in stores last year after queuing from 6.30 in the morning.

That's not likely to be something that's repeated this year because of lockdown safety measures.

The toys will be available in stores but dates will vary according to different locations.

The toys are an Aldi Specialbuy, which means they won't be in stock again after they sell out.

Christmas is getting closer – and that means all the major retailers are starting to drop their festive TV adverts – from Aldi to Amazon, to Disney and Very, we round up the ads that have already aired.

Aldi is extending its click and collect service to 200 more stores before Christmas.

Port lovers can super-size their Christmas tipple this year, as Aldi is selling it by the GALLON.

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