Amazon Shoppers Are Flocking to Buy These Rechargeable Light Bulbs

Most people have a backup plan in place in case they ever lose power or face an emergency. Losing power or experiencing a neighborhood blackout is never convenient, but having some spare lighting on hand is key. Flashlights are a standard go-to, but have you ever considered rechargeable light bulbs? The Jacksonlux Rechargeable Light Bulbs take some of the stress away that comes with these last-minute emergencies. 

When there’s a power outage, these bulbs remain on for three to four hours when charged. And they’re high-brightness bulbs too. If you find yourself in extreme darkness, these bulbs will help lead the way without any worries. This explains why many users turn to them when going camping, or need additional flashlights, hook lights, and warehouse lights as well. 

 The bulbs run when you turn on the included power caps, press down with their fingers with a wet cloth, or convert the light bulb into a portable lamp with the patented plug cap. You can also insert the bulbs into any suitable light fixture and power it on and off with a light switch. They work as regular bulbs when connected to 120V voltage (850 lumens output), and if the power does go out they will remain turned on (500 lumens output). 

As for charging time, the bulbs require eight to 10 hours of charging to reach their full potential. If screwed into a lighting fixture, the bulbs charge while the light switch is turned on. There’s also an included charging base, which you just plug into an outlet and set the bulbs on top individually. In a popular TikTok video, one user gives a play-by-play on how the bulbs work and how powerful their lighting is. 

Buy It! Jacksonlux Rechargeable Light Bulbs, $33.99;

With a near-perfect rating, there’s no question as to why Amazon shoppers are flocking to buy these. “I really like the idea of this light. It does work exactly like a 60W equivalent (800 lumen) LED lamp until the power fails and then it can provide the equivalent of 40W (500 Lumens),” one said. Other shoppers are fans of how the bulbs aren’t too hot to touch. “Even when used for hours, like other LED bulbs, they stay cool to the touch. They do get slightly warm around the base; I expect the warmth is from the internal battery, not the LEDs. But it’s never warm enough to be dangerous or to burn anyone,” shared another. 

You can get a four-pack of the Jacksonlux Rechargeable Light Bulbs on Amazon right now. 

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