An In-Depth Look at Hypeart's 'NOISY REALITY' Exhibition in New York City

Hypeart‘s NOISY REALITY exhibition features the work of four talented artists who use various mediums to capture the ever-changing landscape of New York City. The artists, Meguru Yamaguchi, Heather Benjamin, Eny Lee Parker, and B. Thom Stevenson, each bring their unique perspectives to the exhibit, creating a dynamic curation. The exhibition showcases paintings, sculptures, mixed media, and furniture design, all representing the essence and energy of New York City.

Meguru Yamaguchi, a Brooklyn-based artist, creates sculptures that capture the fleeting nature of trends in modern society. His “Awakenings” series features angular brushstrokes and fluid lines, representing the need to adapt and change in an ever-evolving world. Yamaguchi emphasizes the importance of perceiving subtle nuances in the environment and adapting to them to stay relevant and connected.

Heather Benjamin‘s art reflects the emotional and psychological landscape of New York City, often featuring female figures in unconventional shapes. Her works convey a sense of duality, representing the complex emotions and experiences of living in a city that can be both inspiring and challenging. Inspired by the feminine imagery of Sailor Moon, her honest and vulnerable depictions invite viewers to explore their own emotions.

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Eny Lee Parker‘s furniture design celebrates the diversity and richness of New York City’s culture, drawing inspiration from natural landscapes and Frankish patterns. Her use of materials such as glass, wood, and mixed fabrics, as well as incorporating ancient craft methods, showcases her deep respect for the city’s history and heritage. Her miniature clay figurines serve as models for life-sized objects, reflecting her attention to detail and dedication to creating functional works of art.

B. Thom Stevenson‘s “SCARECROW” series of mixed media artwork feature humanoid figures with varied assemblies, influenced by the scarecrows he encountered in his hometown of Sutton, Massachusetts. The artwork serves as a representation of the diverse and multifaceted identity of New York City, with its form, textual elements, and visual orientation conveying the city’s dynamic energy. Through his art, Stevenson instigates a self-reflective discussion that examines the visual aspect of language as a mode of communication, as well as the significance of language in the gaps that exist between sub-cultures.

The NOISY REALITY exhibition showcases the vibrancy and energy of New York City’s fast-paced lifestyle through abstract and diaristic pieces. The artwork provides a respite from the city’s sensory overload, using vibrant colors, textures, and shapes to capture the essence of the city. The exhibit runs until April 20, 2023, at 89 Crosby Street in New York City.

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89 Crosby St.
New York, NY 10012

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