Anti Social Social Club Addresses Its Shipping Issues With DoorDash Collaboration

Following an Arizona Iced Tea collaboration back in March, Anti Social Social Club has now returned with yet another unexpected team-up. This time around, the Los Angeles-based label has come together with the food ordering and delivery platform, DoorDash. The unexpected collaboration serves as a playful response to ASSC’s controversy and issues with shipping.

“‘SHIP MY ****!!!!’ We heard you. We see you. We are taking a step in the right direction to deliver your goods in a more efficient manner – so we’ve decided to use a delivery method we are all familiar with…DoorDash. We are teaming up with DoorDash to give customers in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami a chance to order exclusive products as easily as you order lunch. Properly entitled ‘SAME DAY DELIVERY’ you can expect your item at your door on demand. We’re listening.”

The DoorDash x Anti Social Social Club collaboration will be available throughout Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami with amazingly fast “shipping,” to live up to the title of the collection, “SAME DAY DELIVERY.” Included in the collection is the Lucid Tee and Packable Serenity Picnic Blanket, a portable picnic blanket, delivered in a customized to-go container, and decorated in a checkered graphic.

Priced at $45 and $80 USD, the DoorDash x Anti Social Social Club Lucid Tee and Packable Serenity Picnic Blanket will be available on DoorDash and ASSC’s website May 19, 12 p.m. EDT.

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