Apple May Release a Mixed Reality Headset as Early as 2022

Apple is now rumored to be releasing a mixed reality headset as early as 2022, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

The upcoming headset will be followed shortly after by the long-rumored “Apple Glasses,” which Kuo says will launch in 2025. “We predict that Apple’s MR/AR product roadmap includes three phases: helmet type by 2022, glasses type by 2025, and contact lens type by 2030–2040,” the analyst reports. “We foresee that the helmet product will provide AR and VR experiences, while glasses and contact lens types of products are more likely to focus on AR applications.”

Featuring Sony’s Micro O-LED displays working with numerous optical modules, the upcoming headset is reportedly able to provide both augmented reality and virtual reality experiences, with independent power and storage giving. Despite being portable, however, Kuo says that it isn’t truly “mobile” the way smartphones are. “When the technology improves, we believe that the new helmet product can also enhance its mobility,” he says.

For the time being, the prototypes for the mixed reality headset weigh between 200-300 grams, but Kuo expects the final product to go down to 100-200 grams provided that Apple fixes some of the technical issues it currently fixes. Citing a complex design, the analyst also predicts a higher price point for the device, set around $1,000 USD in the American market.

In other related news, Apple is now discontinuing the iMac Pro.
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