ARCO 2-in-1 Coffee Grinder Kickstarter

GOAT STORY has just launched one of the most versatile coffee grinders to date. The ARCO is an electric coffee grinder that also doubles as a portable hand grinder.

Able to be dialed in with 120 grind settings, the ARCO features a 50g magnetic catcher/doser,a conical burr in nitrided steel, aluminum unibody construction, and is sized to the standard espresso basket. For those that need grinding on the go, simply twist the main shaft of the ARCO and attach the provided hand-grinder attachment — perfect for picnics or camping.

Available in 110v or 220v, the ARCO coffee grinder system is available now through Kickstarter with a pledge price of $299 USD.

In other design news, after 70 tears, IKEA is no longer printing its signature catalogs.
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