Australians are making 'the world's easiest' two-ingredient cake and you can too

We’re big fans of dessert that includes minimal ingredients.

And this cake recipe from Australians seems to be super easy to put together.

All you need is a bit of golden butter or vanilla cake mix and some tinned apples.

Australians have been raving about the two-ingredient recipe on Facebook, saying it makes for the ‘world’s best cake’.

You might be thinking what about the butter, milk, or eggs to moisten the cake? But apparently the juice of the apples helps to create the moisture.

Of course, if you’re using tinned apples you’ll be left with an apple cake.

But you can substitute the apples for a fruit of your choice, as long as it’s tinned and comes with juice.

Some people have also added cinnamon for extra taste or custard in the middle for a creamy taste.

To get started, grab the cake mix of your choice.

While Australians have been using golden butter cake mix from the brand White Mill, you can’t buy the mix here so you can opt for a different brand.

Baking brand Betty Crocker also offers butter cake mix, imported from the U.S., that can do the trick.

If you’re looking for something in a UK supermarket though, try a vanilla sponge cake mix. It won’t be quite the same but it’s the closet available here.

All you need to do is grab the tinned apples. Strain them and chop them up. Put them into the cake mix and the juices left in the apple should mix to create a syrupy concoction.

You can add cinnamon to the mixture or, as some bakers are doing, add a layer of custard in the middle of the mixture before laying on another layer.

Then for the final step, spray the edges of the tin with cooking spray and put the cake into a fan-forced oven at 160 degrees for 40 minutes.  

It really is that simple.

If you like the sound of that but reckon it’ll be a bit dry for your tastebuds then you could always pair it with some delicious warm custard and pour it all over.

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