Bandai's New HG 'Dragon Ball' Set Depicts All Versions of Cell

Bandai has released a brand new HG Dragon Ball set, depicting Cell in a variety of forms.

In the anime/manga, Cell is the creation of Dr. Gero, who designed the creature by piecing together all the strong genetic traits from a number of fighters in hopes of creating the “perfect warrior.” This set shows all the forms of Cell, alongside different stages of metamorphosis: imperfect, semi-perfect and perfect forms as well as the egg, Jr., and self-destruction stages. The figures accurately depict the colors and details of the characters. One noteworthy piece is the largest figure, showing an inflated Cell in his self-destructive stage. Each piece has been molded in a fight-ready stance.

Bandai’s new HG Dragon Ball Cell set is currently available on Bandai’s website for $115 USD.

In other news, former Man City player Joan Román has changed his name to Goku.
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