Be prepared for any emergency with this 20% off survival bag

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that everyone can stand to benefit from having emergency supplies in their home. Accidents, natural disasters and even global pandemics are an unfortunate part of life, and these situations are only made more stressful when you do not have the right supplies on hand when you really need them the most (i.e., when you run out of toilet paper in the midst of a lockdown).

We aren’t suggesting that you go into panic mode, stockpiling canned goods or raiding your local Costco for everything and anything. But what we will say is you’ll never regret having some resources handy, like a water filter, band-aids and medical supplies.

To cover your bases, we suggest the Survival Bag (now on sale for $119.99). This pack comes with various tools, as well as a 71-piece first-aid kit, that can provide you the basic resources you would need in a variety of emergency scenarios. This includes outdoor gadgets, such as a three-mode flashlight (that comes with an SOS mode and adjustable brightness), a multi-use tool similar to a Swiss Army Knife, three thermal blankets, reusable water bottles, a water filter, and a flint and rod striker. Additionally, it boasts both indoor and outdoor first-aid necessities, such as wound pads, bandages, first-aid tape, and a face mask that filters smoke and other airborne particles. Together, these supplies can provide immediate assistance in tricky situations.

And since the Survival Bag comes in a compact grab-and-go kit, you can discreetly stow away your supplies in a closet, your car, under your office desk — you name it.

Normally priced at $149, right now shoppers can purchase the Survival Bag and its full suite of emergency contents for $119.99, a savings of 20%.

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