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SIZE isn't the only thing to think about when choosing the best BBQ cover – the material it’s made from is incredibly important too.

We explain what to look for and round up some of the most popular options.

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Should you cover your BBQ?

Covering your barbecue is not essential but it is recommended to help prolong the life of your barbecue.

This is especially true for larger barbecues that sit outside year round rather than being tucked away in a garage or shed when not in use.

For starters, it will protect your barbecue from dirt and grime like dust, leaves and bird poo, which means you won’t have to do a deep clean before the next time you use it.

If your barbecue sits outside, the cover will also protect it from the sun and the rain, which over time can lead to rust and other damage.

But you don’t have to get an expensive branded version. There are more general covers that are designed to fit a range of different barbecues – just make sure you go for one that’s waterproof.

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