Best High-Waisted Gym Leggings 2021 | The Sun UK

HIGH-WAISTED gym leggings are a favourite for anyone looking for an ultra-comfortable workout legging – and who wants to smooth the look of their tummy in the process.

Not only will you find high-waisted leggings to suit any sport, from yoga to running, but many have added benefits.

Compression leggings with tummy control offer support without digging in during your workout.

Plus – many have a pocket, perfectly suited to holding your mobile phone.

You'll also find that high-waisted leggings are the choice when it comes to bum-shaping – and pairing with crop tops and sports bras for your workout.

At the high end of the spending spectrum, Sweaty Betty's high-waisted leggings get rave reviews in terms of fit, comfort, and appearance (they are amazing).

For a similar effect at a fraction of the price, try Amazon for a range of high-waisted gym leggings in different styles and colourways.

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