Best sun creams to protect your skin this summer

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If you’re heading off on a last minute trip abroad or plan on spending summer soaking up the rays in your garden, one thing is for certain – a good SPF should be top of your priorities. Forget about skipping sun cream in the hopes of getting a deeper tan, because SPF is the secret to keeping your skin looking smooth, soft and more youthful for longer.

Whether you have sensitive skin, want to enhance a natural tan or need a formula for all the family, we’ve rounded up the best SPFs that will keep your skin protected all summer long.


Vichy Capital Soleil Protective Water SPF50, buy it here for £19

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The original Capital Soleil has won awards for its lovely lightweight feel, and it’s upping the ante for 2020. This bi-phase water and oil mist was previously only available as an SPF30 but now it comes in two new SPF50 formulas, both with added benefits. There’s a moisturising version with hyaluronic acid, and another with added beta carotene to enhance your tan. They’re both a world away from heavy, old-school SPF50s, with a weightless, refreshing texture and a non-greasy finish.


Sun Bum Original Sunscreen Lotion 30/50, buy it here for £15.59

Suncare doesn’t usually have much “ooh” appeal but how could you not want these funky bottles in your bag? Sun Bum is the most fabulously hipster brand from Cocoa Beach Florida with fans including Adriana Lima and Kendall Jenner, and it’s just flown into the UK. It all looks and smells like it belongs somewhere cooler than you are right now, with a curated cocktail list, cabanas and an ambient sundown DJ set. (PS: the actual protection is excellent too, and this lotion feels super soft on your skin.)


Bondi Sands SPF50+ Fragrance Free, buy it here for £7.99

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You might think of Bondi Sands as a self-tan brand, but now it’s focusing its attention on real sunshine rather than just faking the look of it. It’s just created this SPF which combines extremely high protection with a fragrance free, low irritant formula, making it especially suitable for sensitive skin. As befits an Aussie brand, it’s doing its bit for coral reefs by excluding both oxybenzone and octinoxate, which are believed to contribute to coral bleaching.


Tropic Great Barrier Sun Lotion, buy it here for £18

This caring cream offers truly broad-spectrum protection, covering not just UVA and UVB rays but also guarding against pollution. It contains a green algae extract to mop up all sorts of environmental stress, from blue light from screens to grubby airborne particles. As well as having a divine coconut scent, it has a silky feel and skin nourishing ingredients which are designed for daily year-round use, not just holidays. The formula uses only reef-friendly sun filters and money from each sale supports Tropic’s charity partnership with United World Schools.


Hawaiian Tropic Aloha Care Protective Sun Lotion SPF30, buy it here for £7

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If you find most sun creams leave you shinier than the sun, check out the latest arrival from Hawaiian Tropic. It offers broad spectrum UVA/B protection in a lightweight lotion that mattifies your skin to ensure you don’t look or feel greasy. It’s got strong green credentials too with a reef-friendly formula that comes in 45% recycled packaging. Last but certainly not least, it’s got the classic Hawaiian Tropic fragrance to instantly put you in the holiday mood – wherever you might be.


Ultrasun Family SPF30, buy it here for £19

Ultrasun’s once a day SPFs have long been a favourite of ours, saving us from endless “oops, forgot to bring sun cream for topping up” singes. They’re brilliant if you have children who loathe being endlessly slathered with SPF, but are also great for adults who want to keep ageing rays off their face all day from one application. The formulas themselves aren’t changing, but this year Ultrasun has become the first brand to gain the ultimate eco-friendly BASF Ecosun Pass status, which meets no less than eight green standards and goes beyond just reef-friendly ingredients.


Aesthetics expert Dr Nina Bal from ITV’s This Morning, explains what you need to know

UVB – Think B for burning, because that’s what these rays do if you don’t protect your skin. These are the sunshine rays present mainly in summer and on sunny days. The SPF on the bottle shows the level of protection against them. Use SPF30+ and top up regularly.

UVA – Think A for ageing. UV exposure is responsible for 90% of ageing, and UVA rays make up 95% of the light present every day, all year round. It also penetrates glass. If you want a young face, protect your face every day, even indoors. UVA protection is shown by star or PA+ rating – look for a product with at least four stars or PA+++.

Blue light – Also known as visible light or HEVL, this is present in both sunlight and blue light from screens. It ages your skin so look for products that protect against it, and also use vitamin C skincare to help neutralise blue light damage.

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