Best supplements for joint pain: The six capsules to add to your diet

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Are your knees feeling knackered? Whether it’s short-term or the result of a chronic condition, joint pain can be incredibly unpleasant. Luckily. These six supplements can relieve and prevent joint pain. We explain the benefits of these six science-backed supplements.

Most people will experience joint pain at some point or another.

Joint pain can be a long term condition – such as arthritis – or it could be a short-term issue as a result of an injury.

The most common joint to suffer with pain in is the knee, according to the NHS. This is because it supports the whole weight of your body, making it vulnerable.

Creaky joints can also be caused by inflammation, gout and damage to your cartilage.

There are plenty of possible causes of joint pain, but one thing remains the same: if you suffer from joint pain, you’ll need an effective solution, as quickly as possible.

Did you know supplements can relieve pain while preventing joint pain in the future?

Here are six of the best supplements for joint pain – and we explain why, and how, they work.

1 – Turmeric

This golden spice isn’t just delicious in curries, but it has powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.

This is due to a chemical called curcumin which occurs naturally in turmeric.

Studies have compared the effectiveness of turmeric to ibuprofen, so this supplement could be a great natural remedy for your pain.

2 – Devil’s Claw

Despite the dramatic-sounding name, Devil’s Claw can make your joint pain more manageable.

Devil’s Claw is a herb containing a chemical called harpogoside which fights inflammation.

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3 – Glucosamine

Glucosamine is something our body makes naturally in our cartilage.

Research suggests taking glucosamine supplements might slow the progression of cartilage breakdown which takes place when you have arthritis.

4 – Calcium

Calcium’s bone-strengthening properties are well-known, but it can also aid muscle strengthening.

Take calcium supplements that also contain vitamin D, as vitamin D helps your body to absorb calcium more effectively.

5 – Chondroitin

Chrondroitin is another naturally occurring component of cartilage.

Studies suggest chrondroitin can prevent cartilage breakdown as a result of arthritis, and it is an effective pain relief for many who take it.

6 – Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil supplements are recommended as it is proven to improve bone health and reduce inflammation.

It’s also high in vitamins A and D, and linked to a lower risk of heart disease.

Don’t forget, while there is evidence to back each of these supplements, if they aren’t working for you or you need more help with managing joint pain, speak to your doctor.

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