"Big Brother 22" All-Star Tyler Crispen Says He’s "Happy It’s Over"

Tyler Crispen’s second chance of claiming the $500,000 grand prize in Big Brother came to an end last week.

The Big Brother 20 runner-up was one of 16 “All-Stars” to return for the 22nd season this summer. Tyler was once again among the top competitors in Big Brother, and that ultimately led to his eviction.

Cody Calafiore decided to nominate Tyler and his ally, Christmas Abbott, for eviction last week. Cody won the Power of Veto to keep the nominations the same, and Tyler was sent home by a 3-0 vote.

And so ended Tyler’s chance of becoming the third Big Brother houseguest to reach the finals twice. Dan Gheesling (season 10 winner and season 14 runner-up) and Paul Abrahamian (the runner-up in seasons 18 and 19) remain the only two Big Brother players to reach that feat.

Tyler now joins the Big Brother jury house. He and the other eight jurors will vote for the Big Brother 22 winner on finale night.

Tyler was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly after his eviction, and the Big Brother All-Star admitted that he’s happy the game is over for him.

“The first time, I probably could have stayed there forever,” Tyler said. “I’d never even thought about the outside world, but this time leaving Angela (his girlfriend, who was also on Big Brother 20) and being away from her for the first time that we’ve ever been apart and being in that house where we met and just feeling guilty and not wanting to get wrapped up too much in the game. Everything was harder. I didn’t want to burn people that I really liked. It took me a while to get kicked into the game this time. And that might’ve been the reason why I went out in sixth place. But as the say, I’m happy it’s over.”

Tyler won two Head of Household and a pair of Power of Veto competitions. He was the HOH who managed to send Big Brother legend Janelle Pierzina home in week three.

Tyler made the first real big move of the summer when he won the third HOH competition in week 8, nominating ally members Dani Briones and Nicole Franzel. Dani was sent home by a 4-0 vote, and that led to the beginning of the end for “The Committee” alliance.

Ultimately, however, Cody and the other remaining Committee Members decided that it was time to send out Tyler, who was a seirous threat to win the game.

Aside from finishing second place in season 20 (a $50,000 prize), Tyler was also voted as America’s Favorite Player, winning an additional $25,000. We’ll find out at finale night if he manages to win the $25,000 yet again.

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