Bigfoot is not flesh and blood and is linked to UFOs, researcher claims

Bigfoot is "not a flesh and blood animal", according to a researcher who has documented reports linking sasquatches to UFOs.

Stan Gordon – who doesn't claim to have seen a Bigfoot or UFO – has been researching mysterious goings-on in Pennsylvania, US for the past 63 years.

Stan previously went public with his theory that Bigfoot may be an "interdimensional" being that can vanish into thin air.

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Now, speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, he's opened up about specific reports that led him to that conclusion and showed how sasquatches and UFOs are connected.

He was keen to make clear he doesn't believe Bigfoot is "a passenger or a crew member of a spacecraft", adding that "it is very possible there is more than one origin" of UFOs other than outer space.

The first incident occurred in Pennsylvania on October 25, 1973, recounted to him by a state trooper and some of the 15 witnesses.

Three of those witnesses – two young boys and an older man – claimed to have seen a giant, dome-shaped glowing object hovering in a field.

"Then their attention is drawn to a barbed wire fence about 75ft away. There they see these two, huge, upright, hair-covered creatures," Stan explains.

"The one in front is about eight feet tall. The one behind it is about seven feet tall. They have no apparent neck and their arms are so long they’re hanging below their knees."

In true American fashion, their first reaction of the witnesses is to shoot.

The older man claimed he first fired two tracer bullets, the second of which one of the creatures reached up to as if to catch.

At this point the dome is said to have vanished but the man kept shooting at the creatures.

Stan said: "I remember him telling me: ‘I’ll never forget how I’m pumping live ammo into the largest creature and he keeps staring at me with those glowing green eyes – and there’s no affect on him whatsoever'."

Stan identified Fayette County, Pennsylvania and areas along the Chestnut Ridge as hotbeds of similarly bizarre reports, and 1973 as the year things really kicked off.

Another incident from there was reported on February 6, 1974, when a woman living "deep in the mountains" went out to her front porch – carrying a shotgun – after hearing some strange noises.

"To her shock, in front of her there’s a huge, hair-covered ape-like creature which raises its arms above its head when she turns on the light," Stan said she claimed.

"She fired right into it, right into the midsection. She said moments later the creature disappeared with a bright flash of light.

"There was a UFO hovering over the woods at the same time."

Stan also spoke of reports linking Bigfoot to what he called "mini-UFOs", or orbs, sized anywhere between two inches to two feet in diameter.

He claimed some have reported seeing sasquatches holding the orbs.

In a report in May 2019 from outside Pittsburgh, one man claimed he spotted a Bigfoot in his back garden before it darted into the woods behind his house.

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"About three seconds after it had gone, at the exact point it entered the woods, a bright sphere of light about four inches in diameter suddenly appeared," Stan said.

The onlooker claimed that the light then reappeared, "omitted a bright beam of light about 10ft in length", and vanished again.

Stan added that sasquatches' ability to vanish, like in some of these cases, explains why we haven't found any bones.


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