Bizarre Bigfoot sighting used to highlight social distancing in the USA

Americans have a weird obsession with Bigfoot. It’s a paranormal mystery that provides ample opportunity for conspiracy theories and speculation.

As such, the Bigfoot myth is liable for exploitation by those who want to stir things up a bit on the internet. Which is exactly what one park authority in Oklahoma did.

Bizarrely, the prank was a way of highlighting social distancing amid the coronavirus lockdown.

America has become the new epicentre of the virus and authorities are scrambling to put measures in place to try and curb the outbreak.

And so, the River Parks Authority of Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area just outside of Tulsa decided that Bigfoot is what was required.

Ryan Howell, activities and programming manager at the River Parks Authority, suited up as Bigfoot and started traipsing round the area. Before long, the rangers say they were inundated with calls about the mysterious hominid.

Over the weekend, we received dozens of calls and messages reporting a “sighting” at Turkey. While we investigate the…

‘Bigfoot is kind of a big deal in southeast Oklahoma,’ Howell told Newsweek. ‘There’s conventions and blogs and Bigfoot hunters and the whole shebang. But it’s never made an appearance in Tulsa.’

The prank was revealed by a Facebook post dubbing Howell ‘Social Distance Sasquatch’ and saying it served as a reminder that park users should enjoy the outdoor space whilst observing social distancing.

We don’t quite know what the connection is there, but it seems to have worked. According to reports Social Distance Sasquatch has become a local celebrity, appearing in local news broadcasts and on several popular Instagram accounts.

Someone tell the Loch Ness Monster now is a good time to put in an appearance.

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