Bizarre ‘humanoid’ figure with ‘wings’ spotted hovering above Arizona

Strange footage of what appears to be a human-like figure hovering in the sky in Phoenix, Arizona, has sent the conspiracy world into meltdown.

The video begins with a black object remaining motionless in the overcast sky.

As the person behind the camera zooms in, the object seems to take on uncanny qualities.

It appears to have a body and two legs hanging below. When the shape starts to turn, what looks like wings appear.

YouTube user Ballee18 took the footage on March 22, before it was picked up by conspiracy site mavi777.

Their post, entitled “Strange humanoid-like object caught over Phoenix, Arizona, has been seen more than 2,000 times after it was shared yesterday.

Viewers were quick to flock to the comments section, where suggestions on what the object was were wide-ranging.

Some said it was simply someone using a “flying jet pack”.

“Ordinary soldier with rocket pack,” another agreed.

But others thought there was something altogether more sketchy going on.

“Looks like some kind of floating craft, we are not alone,” one said.

An equally amazed viewer said it was the “best humanoid footage” he’d ever seen.

And another even suggested the object was in fact the infamous Mothman.

The huge bird-like creature has become part of West Virginia folklore after supposed “sightings” for decades.

But, like the Loch Ness Monster, there is no conclusive evidence it actually exists.

Perhaps the most logical explanation for the sight was that it was nothing more than a kite.

It comes after a similarly spooky object was seen hovering in the sky over Switzerland.

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