Blessed Be Jane Fonda, For She Has Bestowed Her Workouts Unto TikTok

You’ve done all the yoga videos YouTube has on offer, finally figured out how to sink into pigeon pose, and now you’re looking for something else to guide your socially distant workouts. Sometimes, inspiration comes from unexpected places — like hitherto un-downloaded social media platforms, or the 1980s. If you’ve been in need of a new workout plan that has nothing to do with Kanye West, Jane Fonda is now on TikTok, The Cut reports, delivering her signature exercise routine and a dash of social justice.

The 82-year-old actor and leotard-wearing icon of home workouts is now dedicated to sharing her aerobics-inspired calisthenics from home. In the midst of social distancing (or "sequestration," in Fonda’s words), you might be having a hard time working out every day. But with a delightful amount of self-deprecating charm ("Google me," she advises younger viewers, while arrow emojis appear on the screen each time she lifts her leg "up… and down"), Fonda might just be the reason you finally give in, download TikTok, and exercise, all at the same time.

"There are too many workouts happening right now on television and on computers," she tells TikTok and Instagram viewers alike, "but what I’d really like for you to do is work out with me for the planet." Because of the global emergency of climate change, Fonda asks viewers (accompanied by a flashing series of pleading emojis) to join her every Friday at 11 a.m. PST for a combination of ’80s workouts and #FireDrillFriday. The hashtag refers to the series of protests she’s been holding in Washington, DC, on Fridays to speak out about global warming.

If you want to protest climate change from your couch and get your blood pumping, then throw on your leg warmers (although really, everything nowadays is pants-optional), download TikTok, and use 2020’s social media to travel back to the age of aerobics VHS tapes. If you’re nervous that you’re too old and uncool to use TikTok, take comfort in the fact that Fonda’s first foray into the platform opens with her calling it "the TikTok." You might find that you fit in better than you thought you would.

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