Boozy beef: White Claw’s higher alcohol proof sparks war with Four Loko

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The claws are coming out in the battle for reign as the superior summertime suds.

Bad blood is brewing between adult beverage brands Four Loko and White Claw after the hard seltzer’s recent move to boost alcohol proof has the premium malt liquor company bubbling over with shade. 

“There is one imposter among us,” Four Loko’s official account tweeted. 

The thinly veiled barb came accompanied by an image of White Claw’s latest flavorful innovation, Surge — a 16-ounce refreshment with 8% alcohol by volume. 

White Claw’s original line of boozy seltzers comes in 12-ounce containers that offer only a 5% buzz. 

“We know some consumers are looking for a higher alcohol option from White Claw,” said John Shea, the company’s chief marketing officer. “And that’s what White Claw Hard Seltzer Surge delivers.”

Wrapped in a navy blue can — starkly opposing the pearly white outer shell of its less-loaded predecessor — Surge comes in two new flavors: cranberry and blood orange. 

The appeal of higher spirits and more exotic tastes has fans of White Claw’s drunken cans going crazy. 

Excited drink enthusiasts tweeted things like: “White Claw summer but it’s White Claw Surge because the 8% ABV is NEEDED,” and “The white claw surge drinks might end up being the drink of the year.”

Four Loko, however, isn’t amused. 

Accusing White Claw of being “Obsessed” — referring to Mariah Carey’s certified-platinum 2009 hit about an overzealous wannabe — Four Loko digitally dragged Surge for allegedly trying to copy its winning fizzy formula.

“Four Loko walked so White Claw could run,” the brand tweeted, insinuating that its longstanding production of malted libations and hard seltzers paved the way for competitors to join the market. 

Debuting its core flavors of carbonated cocktails in 2005, Four Loko had been a formidable contender in the game of drinks before getting banned in 2010 by the FDA. The beverage, with varieties with up to 14% ABV, earned the nickname “blackout in a can.” But Four Loko had a full comeback with hard seltzers in 2019, dubbing its 23.5-ounce cans filled with 12% ABV bubbly “the hardest seltzer in the universe.” 

And while White Claw Surge’s alcohol levels still aren’t rising as high to the occasion as Four Loko’s seltzers do, the latter brand is demanding their veteran honors. 

“White Claw seeing themselves get compared to Four Loko … Respect ur elders,” Four Loko tweeted. 

White Claw and Four Loko did not return The Post’s request for comment. 

But pandemic-exhausted commentators took to Twitter debating over which tiddly juice they’ll be toasting up this summer. 

It’s a hard call. But, on the bright side, guzzlers have until last call to decide which booze best.

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