Boy, four, learned how to ride waves unaided at the age of two

Easy rider! Boy, four, learned how to catch waves completely unaided on his own surfboard after first standing up on a board at the age of two

  •  Joao Vitor, four, from Guaruja, Brazil, is able to stand on a surfboard unaided
  •  Surprised his parents when he stood on the board when riding his second wave 
  •  Skilled four year old can also surf the same board as his older sister Maria Clara

A young boy, four, has learned how to ride the waves completely unaided on his own surfboard after astounding his parents by standing up without assistance on his second ever wave at the age of two.

Joao Vitor, from Guaruja, Brazil, a coastal town 55 miles from Sao Paulo, was inspired to start surfing after watching his father and older sister take part in the activity every day.

His mother, Camilla Chuque Braga, a 39-year-old housewife, said: ‘He started swimming school when he was seven months old.

Four-year-old Joao Vitor, from Guaruja, Brazil, has perfected the ability to ride the waves completely unaided and practices almost every day at the local beach

The young boy impressed and shocked his parents when he asked to surf and on the second wave he was able to stand up completely unassisted at the age of two

His mother, Camilla Chuque Braga, (pictured with her three children) a housewife, says her son Joao learned how to surf by watching his father and sister catch the waves

‘His sister Maria Clara and his father surf all day and introduced this sport into his life.

‘My husband always pushed Maria in the waves with Joao on his lap, so one day he asked to catch a wave just like his sister.

‘That was when he pushed Joao and saw that he knew what he was doing.’ 

The couple were in shock at how quickly their son had mastered the technique of standing up, something that people much older than him struggle with.

Camilla continued: ‘When he stood up the first time me and my husband, who was helping him, did not believe it because he was just a baby.

After watching his family members surfing every day, Joao asked to take to the waves and he quickly mastered the technique of standing up

He’s a natural: The skilled youngster, pictured at the age of two, could even pose for the camera when he was surfing unaided 

Camilla (pictured with her husband and children at a Disney resort) said they were surprised how quickly their son picked up the skill – something which people much older than him struggle to master

‘My husband thought he would just stay lying down on the surfboard, but he stood up and surfed the wave straight.

‘He loves the sea, both for surfing and swimming. He is always happy.’

It would seem that surfing talent is very much in the blood of the family, as Joao regularly takes to the ocean with his older sister, even at times riding a surfboard together.

Their proud mum said: ‘My daughter Maria Clara started surfing when she was 3 years and 6 months. But before that, since she was 2 and a half, she practiced bodyboard.

It would seem that surfing talent is very much in the blood of the family. As well as perfecting his own skills, Joao also catches the waves with his older sister Maria Clara, six

The couple’s eldest child Maria Clara started surfing when she was 3 years and 6 months but she started off using a bodyboard – unlike Joao who took straight to the board

The youngster, who is at his happiest when riding the waves, goes to the beach every day with his family and instantly gets on his surfboard

‘I take them to the beach every day, and they usually surf every day.

‘They usually surf in the Beach in front of my house, Pitangueiras beach, on the south coast of Sao Paulo.

‘I just don’t take them on very cold and rainy days.

‘People are delighted and surprised with such a small child surfing with such skill and so well.’

People on the internet were left shocked to witness Joao’s impressive skills in the water, something even grown adults struggle to master but the fearless child makes it look easy

The brother and sister spend anything up to two and a half hours a day in the water near Sao Paulo, Brazil, perfecting their surfing skills 

The sibling’s mother created an Instagram account to document their time at the beach and their experiences surfing, which has more than 32,000 followers

Although she views her son as a gifted surfer, Camilla is undecided as to what the future holds for him. 

She went on: ‘I think he got interested in the sport very early and practices very well for his age but I think it’s too early to know if he will be a professional surfer.’

Joao entertains more than 32,000 followers on Instagram with his impressive surfing skills. 

Despite showing a natural talent for surfing, Joao’s mother Camilla says she is not sure whether he will pursue a career as a professional surfer

The keep his 32,000 followers entertained, Camilla shares daily updates of what Joao and his sister have been up to in the water 

The brave youngster is seemingly unfazed by the waves and flexs his impressive skills in the water every single day, sometimes joined by other bigger surfers

His mother Camilla Chuquer Braga runs her son’s account and posts to it daily. 

A delightful picture of Joao riding his surfboard left people in awe of his talent.

One user commented: ‘Prince of waves.’

This was followed by another awe-struck user saying: ‘So impressive’

A video of Joao showing off his skills also garnered a positive response with one viewer stating: ‘This baby is inspiring me.’ 

Joao shocked his parents when he got on the board for the first time with minimal effort and further surprised them when he threw out a ‘hang loose’ hand gesture at them

Internet users fell in love with the blonde haired four-year-old surfer after a video documenting his impressive surfing skills went viral and was viewed more than 500,000 times

Joao’s parents, pictured on a board with his father, thought he would stay laying on his stomach but much to their surprise he got to his feet and has been unstoppable ever since

Older sister Maria is also featured on the popular account, but it was Joao who first broke the internet with a viral video of him surfing that garnered more than 500,000 views.

Camilla said: ‘Due to the close proximity of our house to the sea, both my kids have entered the water since they were babies, from about six months old.

‘Joao Vitor was two years and seven months old when he first started surfing standing.

It was very special because nobody expected him to catch a wave so well and so fast and still make the ‘hang loose’ signal.

‘When Maria started to be interested in surfing, João Vitor was always on his father’s lap when he was pushing her in the waves, embracing and learning everything, hence the interest from him too.

‘I always say that we should always encourage children in sport, whatever it is, if they show interest, they should have the full encouragement of their parents. 

‘But it is always nice to say that at their age the most important thing is to have fun, and not to force them into anything, or set any goals for the future. 

‘They are very small and need to have fun before anything else.’

The two children have no surfing ambitions for the future, and currently just want to get more inflatables for the sea. 

The athletic siblings surf almost every day, apart from when it is rainy or windy -spending up to two-and-a-half hours a day in the water.

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