Breakfast pizza topped with fried egg and hash brown dubbed epic hangover cure

Pizza and fry ups are two greasy foods that are often munched on by hungover Brits.

So with this in mind, a Scottish cafe has concocted a breakfast pizza that has been dubbed "the best hangover treat".

The Ayrshire cafe Nosh took to Facebook to post a snap of their classic brekkie take on the Italian dough-based favourite.

Fans have gone head over heels for the greasy grub that includes toppings of square sausage, black pudding, bacon , a hash brown, onion and is topped off with a fried egg.

All these classic fry up toppings are scattered on a classic tomato pizza base with of course a sprinkling of cheese.

The heavy duty snack will set you back £10 – and for an extra £2, foodies can add on two bottles of freshly pressed orange juice.

In awe of the calorific pizza, people fled to the comments to offer their views on the Scottish made munch.

According to the Daily Record, one person commented: “The hangover pizza is born.”

Another user joked: “Awesome breakfast, needs more eggs.”

A third person noted: “Definitely need a road trip to this place.”

And a bloke tagged his mate and said: “Bet you could be doing with one of these right now!?”

The body is a temple? Not in this case.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the breakfast pizza.

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