Bride cancels wedding days before ceremony after catching fiancé on dating site

A heartbroken bride announced the end of her engagement on TikTok just days before the big day.

The creator, who goes by the username @leela_li, cancelled the event that was expecting 101 guests after finding out her husband-to-be was using dating apps behind her back.

In the viral video, she explained that her family judged her for the decision to end her relationship but she believes it clearly wasn't meant to be.

She said: “I actually had some family members judge me, left and right because I couldn’t exactly give out the entire story as to what happened.

“It was a big wedding. Wasn’t just a small little get-together, I had 101 people on the invites from all over the United States.

"Clearly it was no picnic for me either when I lost a ton of money and couldn’t go through with an actual wedding, like, hello?!”

Describing how she discovered her fiancé's secret, she said: “I started seeing some red flags, so I started searching.

“I log on to my computer and I see there’s stuff in the recycle bin so of course, I click on it.”

She claimed to find pictures – that did not contain his face – that were used on dating apps and she recognised her bedsheets in the background.

She claims the sheets were fairly new so she was able to tell that the images were taken recently.

Although this story seems shocking, it apparently hit very close to home with a number of viewers.

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“Yep. 100% my story!! Except I married him and stayed ten years.

"I am so proud of you girl. Thank frigging god you left. GOOD!” one commenter said.

“This is so common it’s not even funny, you are one of the few who was able to catch it”, said another viewer.

A third wrote: “You saved yourself from wasting years of your life on a person who wouldn’t have been committed to you.”

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