Bride cuts off mother-in-law after she hijacks wedding with pregnancy news

A bride has exploded in anger online after her mother-in-law dropped a major announcement in a speech on her wedding day.

The 24-year-old newlywed posted online after her husband’s mum, 42, asked to “say a few words” at the reception.

The young bride said: “Stupidly we figured she would talk about us at our wedding, so we never asked what she planned to say.

“Big mistake. She announced that she's expecting a baby."

She added that the news was a “huge shock” for the family and "completely took over the night”, reports Yahoo.

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But, that wasn’t the only problem with the speech.

As it turns out, the new bride was also pregnant and had planned to share the news in her speech, but changed her mind.

She said: “Everything felt a bit sour for me after that."

The fuming bride didn’t speak to her mother-in-law for days, and said she "felt like the attention was taken away from us without our permission and it was so unfair to spring that on us".

The bride added: “Apparently I ruined my own wedding because I was obviously p—d off about the good news and that I was being 'totally selfish’.

“It was my wedding day that was already ruined by a pandemic!"

And, after an attempt to reconcile went wrong, the new couple decided they might “cut ties”.

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Apparently, the mother “apologised immediately” and “started sobbing”, but said the couple had ruined her pregnancy announcement and "so if anything we were both to blame".

The newlywed noted: "Eventually my husband told her that he was really happy about the baby but that she should have asked us, and she pointed at me and said ‘she wouldn't have let me’ which just told us she knew EXACTLY what she was doing, and I have zero regrets now.

“We tried.”

In the end, the couple decided that they weren’t going to tell the mother-in-law about their baby at all.

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