Brit graffitis sweary rant on bin as scruffy neighbour keeps stealing it

Having nice neighbours can be great however some people are stuck with neighbours from hell.

Usually it seems most fights start over rubbish – remember this bin war from the other week.

And now, a Reddit user came across a similar argument when they were strolling through their neighbourhood.

After a resident was victim of bin theft, they graffiti-ed an angry message onto their own trash can.

The picture posted shows a black bin with the words “Do not steal you scruffy c**t” written in white paint across it.

The snap, which was sarcastically captioned: “We are friendly up North", has garnered dozens of responses.

The original poster added in the comments: “The bin wars are real round my end.

“Honestly everyone paints their numbers all over the bins and they still get robbed.

"Then you have to wait two weeks and try to get out early on bin day to get it back…

“Teenagers set fire to them, burglars use them to make off with property, greedy people think they need more than one bin.

“If one person's bin goes missing, they steal someone else's. And it's an endless cycle.”

People took to the comments after relating to the issue of bin theft.

One user commented: “First place I moved into, the bin was set on fire the first night, went months without a bin then once the council finally replaced it, some scruffy c**t nicked it.”

Another added: “Every f***ing year mine got stolen on bonfire night. They would walk the estates with them collecting cr*p in them then incinerate them on the bonfire at the end of the night.”

For those who have issues with bin theft one user suggested a hack that would allow you to track down your bin and the thief.

They said: “Put bin markings on the bottom of your bin. When your neighbour robs it you can just head round and have a look. Take it back.”

Let us know in the comments if you have been involved in any "bin wars"!

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