BT email login: How to log into my old BT email account? How to access old email addresses

With all the work and private email accounts created online, users can be forgiven for periodically forgetting their BT login details. This may annoyingly result in getting locked out of one’s BT email account. However, the good news is users are not required to create a new BT account every time they lose access. Access to an email account can instead be achieved via BT’s email recovery functionality.

How to log into an old BT email account

Your BT Email, which also acts as your username, ends in, or

Help is at hand if you have forgotten your email address.

This can be found on the BT Email management page in My BT.

Start by logging in to My BT with your BT ID username and password.

Next, click on Your package and then Inclusive extras.

Now tap the BT Email link and then Manage BT Email.

On the next page, you will be able to see all your BT email addresses.

If you do not yet have a BT ID, follow the link provided by BT to manage your sub-accounts.

And if you have forgotten the passwords for any of your email addresses, you can reset your password online.

How to log in to BT Mail

BT Mail users have two different ways to view their emails from the homepage.

One method of accessing BT Mail is by logging in with their BT email address.

The other way is via the My BT link, then logging in with a BT username and password.

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This might involve using a different email address and password, depending on how the My BT link was activated.

Logging in via My BT offers access to all BT email addresses.

This means BT Mail users possessing more than one account will not have to log in separately to view their different BT accounts.

BT Mail users who have yet selected a favourite email address should, therefore, select one.

Although not compulsory, users with more than one email address can, as a result, receive quicker access to the email address used the most.

And after logging in, BT Mail users will be able to switch between any other email addresses.

BT Mail also shows the current status for every email address linked to the main email account.

Wherever action is needed, BT Mail can provide a link to help users resolve any accessibility issues.

Issues may range from having an account suspended for non-usage or being alerted about a potentially compromised email account.

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